It's Come To This

In the background of a recording of a Trump appearance from yesterday, as they were ejecting a black protester, you can clearly hear people shouting "Sieg Heil."

No one in the crowd expressed any displeasure at this occurrence, and Trump himself has had nothing to say about it.

I hardly think it is necessary to say anything about what something like this means.


Grung_e_Gene said…
Trump is coalescing the White Power Movement, which has been the core and base of the Republican Party for 4 decades now. Trump is saying loudly "what they are thinking".

It's fascinating and unlike the bs prognosications of the demographic demise of the Republican Party that we've been hearing for 8 years now, what Trump is doing might actually lead to the GOP disintegration.
Magpie said…
A possibility:

Trump as a phenomenon must not be allowed to be thought of as an aberration rather than a window into the ugliness which has been festering at the heart of US conservativism for a very long time - yet the former could become the narrative.

‘It’s just..y’know... 'Trumpism'. We normal Republicans are not like that- we’re good people. See? We don’t even say ‘keep the Muslims out’. What more proof do you of our decency and goodness?“

The Right whistles up the ugly, panders to it, uses it, rides on it, sloshes about need in it, but then Trump could become their tree outside on which to hang all the badness they won’t own up to.

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