Women's March

Well, preliminary evidence is coming in about today's Women's March on Washington.  Here are a couple of pictures, and then my comments:

The lower picture is of the Mall, of course, looking from the Capitol toward the Washington Monument.  The other is on an adjacent street.  It is very difficult to calculate the size of this demonstration, because there is tremendous spillover from the Mall onto the parade route.  Even so, it is obvious that there are far more people on the Mall alone than attended the Inaugural. News sources report far larger attendance that expected, with size estimates in the 500,000 range, or close to twice the number of people who attended the Inaugural.  And remember that this is one of many marches being held today, with those in the large cities likely well above 100,000.  150,000, for example, were reported in Chicago, and I can tell you that my wife and I tried to go to the one in Los Angeles, only to find that it was impossible to drive and park downtown, and there was a three hour wait at the metro stations.

More to follow, but I think the American people are delivering a decided message today, and that message is, "Screw you, Donald Trump."  I was very active back in Vietnam days, and I must tell you that this is the first time in all the decades since then that I have felt the level of commitment and anger that I saw then.  Trump, in concert with Congressional Republicans, may very well be able to do tremendous damage to this country in a short period, but they may very well have awakened something which is going to crush them out of existence, and take control of the country away from their hate-filled, racist, vicious supporters forever.


Jerry Critter said…
Trump may end up with his balls in a vice. If we are lucky, his pussy grabbing days are over.
Magpie said…
More than 600 demonstrations in more than 60 other countries too.

But these are mainly people who have the time to do it. The people not wondering where their next meal is coming from. And how long can it go on?

I despise Trump no less than most fact-based world-dwelling people who really do live in freedom, but when Trumpism collapses, and in however bloody a fashion that occurs, there had better be a preparedness to enact an alternative. "Don't bruise my first-world feelings" is not enough. There needs to be a narrative spelt out and amplified constantly so the resistance doesn't just lurch to 2020 in search of a fresh face and a warm voice and donations. Change has to happen in order to achieve change.

No the jobs aren't coming back and yes the deplorables have been had. But what to do about that? What to do about the people who don't have jobs or those who have three that pay shit and have no benefits? And how to avoid the narrative from being swamped by selective inattention on the part of media, or outright obfuscation by the Right using phony scandal and distractions? That's the noise worth hearing.

"I hate Trump" is a good start but wholly insufficient.
Green Eagle said…
I just thought I would allow the hate filled comment above, to remind you of the truly subhuman people who support Trump, and who are lined up against us.
Green Eagle said…
I have outlined on my blog the need for a guaranteed minimum income, universal health care, universal education, as well as a cut in the retirement age to free up more of the jobs that do still exist. I have also advocated strongly punitive actions toward countries that allow international corporations to force their workers into inhuman conditions, as well as countries that refuse to enact minimum environmental and health standards. I have stated my belief that promoting higher standards of living in third world countries is actually the best thing our government can do for our own people, accomplishing at the same time a reduced pressure on people to come here, as well as diminishing downward pressure on American workers' wages.

These are steps that I have repeatedly advocated, along with the clear need to strip a large part of the wealth from the rich, not as a punitive measure, but in order to insure a healthy economy. Too much money in the hands of a few is the cause of bubbles and economic instability, and that instability will continue to exist and threaten us all as long as a grossly unfair division of wealth remains.

Well, it's a start.
Jerry Critter said…
Here we have an anonymous American man runing down American women while supporting an American president who has cheated on his wives (plural), divorced his wives (plural), is fat, has cheated contractors out of hard-earned money, has consistently lied to the American people, and who is generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. His behavior is what most American people consider utterly disgusting, to say the least.

I find that a bit ironic.
Green Eagle said…
I'm not sure about ironic. I think you might have stopped when you got to the word disgusting. It will be decades before the United States can regain a respectable position in the world after this, if we ever can.

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