Wingnut Wrapup

Back again already. They're howling at the moon these days:

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Obama Fades Away As Trump Laughs At His Enemies"

Well, Kurt, his enemies are laughing back.

Deal with it.

Bryan Crabtree, Town Hall:  "Trump vs. Lewis: The Civil Rights Crisis in Atlanta — There is a civil rights crisis in Atlanta. While I'm not specifically referring to the battle of words between Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) and President-elect Donald Trump, it makes this the proper time. 

Atlanta is full of modern-day plantations. The policies of leaders like Lewis have led to the entrapment of millions of minorities who are stuck in poverty, bad schools and crime-ridden neighborhoods."

More lies for the white crackers out there to consume.  Thanks for that, Bryan.  John Lewis represents the richest part of Atlanta, just to be clear.

Christine Rousselle, Town Hall:  "Here's Who Will Deliver The Oath of Office To Mike Pence"

As if we care, Christine.  Unless they are going to arrest him immediately afterwards, for lying when he promises to uphold the Constitution.

Christopher Malagasi, Town Hall:  "Supply-Side Legend Arthur Laffer Authors New Economics Book for Children"

Not a bad career move, since no sane adult could possibly believe his supply side bullshit at this point.

Davenji, Red State:  "Winning The Climate Change War: It’s The Economy, Stupid...there lies the real solution in winning the climate change debate: the economy and, more specifically, the effects of the proposed solutions on the wallets of the electorate."

It will just cost too much to keep our children and grandchildren alive.  Why, it might cost a couple hundred dollars in extra taxes ever year, to leave them a livable world.  Who is going to go for that?  Let them fend for themselves!  That couple hundred dollars is money in the bank right now, and really, who cares about our dgrandchildren?

Well, it just goes to prove my point:  all modern Conservatism is about is "cut my taxes."  The rest is just window dressing.

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Pop Singer Jennifer Holliday Shamed into Canceling Inaugural Performance"

Well, at least she has a sense of shame, unlike you, Rick.

PJ Media staff:  "Poor-Baby Obama Thinks Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Have Been 'Harmful'"

What a crazy idea.

PJ Media Staff:  "Canada's Prime Minister Made Fun of Donald Trump"

Oh, the poor little Donny.  His feelings must be really hurt.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "BREAKING: Far Left Group Is Paying Activists a Monthly Salary to Stop TRUMP"

The treachery!  No one on the right ever paid someone to work against Democrats, did they?

Larry Klayman, Renew America:  "The irony of all irony. As President Barack Hussein Obama prepares – hopefully – to leave office with the nation in near ruins thanks to his hateful and destructive tenure in the White House, the socialist Muslim In Chief's dog Sunny attacked and left scars on a family friend visiting the executive mansion."

God, the dog is in on the plot too!

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Trump is America's Abe Lincoln, our emancipator."

Lloyd, I don't quite know how to break this to you, but Abe Lincoln is America's Abe Lincoln.  Think about it for a while.  Maybe you will figure it out, asshole.  Lloyd also has this to say, although what could top that?

"Pruitt heads EPA: more leftist slavery ended"

Clean air and water- slavery, SLAVERY, I tell you!!!!   And Lloyd is black.  How could any self respecting person allow themselves to be used like this?  Lloyd, do you think the people that pay you to write this kind of stuff have a shred of respect for you?  To them, you are no better than a farm animal, to be driven to do what they want, and then be sent to the glue factory, and that's just fine with you.  What a disgusting person you are.  But Lloyd isn't done humiliating himself kissing the asses of his masters:

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Jeff Sessions, finally a reasonable adult heading the DOJ"

A racist.  Lloyd's idea of a reasonable adult.  Boy, I bet a lot of white racists are thrilled that they got a black man to say that.

Reverend Austin Myles, Renew America:  "Soros is the operator of the air hose that has crippled economies all over the world"

Believe me, I couldn't figure this one out.  An air hose that cripples economies.  What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Joan Swirsky, Renew America:  "Kerry exits as congenital liar and traitor to America"

Man, talk about projection.

Michael Barone, National Review:  "Is the intelligence community trying to undermine Trump? "

If they aren't, they are traitors too, Michael, just like Trump.

World Net Daily:  "Pinpointed: 'Locus of satanic power' in world today'

Oh, thank heaven.  We've been searching for years for the locus of Satanic power in the world.  And where is it?

"Bible teacher Joel Richardson, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the host of the video teaching series “The Coming Battle for Jerusalem,” may have finally solved the mystery. 

In his new book “Mystery Babylon: Unlocking the Bible’s Greatest Prophetic Mystery,” he makes his case for the identity of the city of evil.  It’s the city billions of people prostrate themselves before five times every single day – the Islamic city of Mecca."

What a surprise.  And here, I thought it was Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Or maybe Toluca Lake, California.  One of the two.  Want to know more? You can get the book from the World Net Daily bookstore, for a price, of course.  Bet that surprised you.

Ed Straker, American Thinker:  "Which of Michelle's Obama's Dresses was most Cringeworthy?"

Well what I want to know is if any of them were more cringeworthy than this dress that Melania Trump is wearing:

Oh wait, my bad.  She isn't wearing a dress at all, is she?  Sorry about that, Melania.  Didn't mean to insult your wardrobe.

And speaking of Melania:

Kaitlan Collins, Daily Caller:  "The Outfit Ivanka Trump Just Wore Out In Public Could Make Even A Fashion Critic's Jaw Drop"

She wore it out?  Come on, Ivanka, you're rich.  Donald can afford to buy you new clothes once in a while.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe that explains the picture of Melania above.  Maybe Donald isn't so rich after all.

Katie Jerkovich, Daily Caller:  "PHOTOS: Mariah Carey Foregoes Top, Shows An Insane Amount Cleavage In London"

Well, they have to fill their websites with something, and I guess it won't be piss jokes.  And by the way, that really is the name of the author of this piece, Katie Jerkovich.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Jerkovich is the real last name of every writer ever selected to appear in Wingnut Wrapup.

Kevin Daley, Daily Caller:  "Comey Faces Uncertain Future In Trump White House"

What?  They've discovered that Heinrich Himmler is still alive?

Davenji, Red State:  "John Lewis Is a National Disgrace"

Right, guy.  We'll keep your opinion in mind.  Because giving black people equality was a nationl disgrace, I presume. Want to hear a little more?

"Let’s dispense with words here- Georgia Congressman and “civil rights icon” John Lewis is a national disgrace. Lewis did not cure cancer, he did not go to the moon, he didn’t even study a peanut. His claim to fame is that he walked across a bridge, got clunked on the head and the rest is, as they say, history."

Jesus' claim to fame is that he gave some speeches and then got hung on a cross.  Big fucking deal.  He was a loser.  If he had been a winner, he would have hung other guys on a cross.  And let us note that Jesus did not cure cancer either, although being God, he presumably could have if he just spared the time.  And as far as I know, Jesus never went to the moon, although given the lack of proof one way or the other, he may very well have studied a peanut.  So, maybe he is a hero.  As far as standing up and suffering for the oppressed, well, this is the Trump era.  Neither John Lewis nor Jesus deserve a damned bit of credit for that stupid behavior.

Jay Caruso, Red State:  "If Journalists Are Concerned About Donald Trump, A Person They Should Blame Is President Obama"

You can't even parody that.

Andrew Klavan, PJ Media:  "My Strange Trumpian Glee...He's doing great so far."

Selling the country out to the Russians, making a fool of himself, his party and the country every single day, appointing the worst, most corrupt cabinet in history, vowing to use his position to get revenge on his "enemies," i.e. anyone who disagrees with him, yeah, he's doing great.  What's not to like?

Hadley Arkes, The Federalist:  "Yes, Americans Could Live Without Government-Defined Health Insurance"

Yeah, but for how long?  This utter tool continues:

"The Distant Planet Where Americans Paid Their Bills... 

Has it suddenly become unthinkable that ordinary Americans, doctors, or businessmen could summon the wit to find other ways of attending to their medical needs as they did in the past, when their world was not thickly woven with layers of insurance?"

On that distant planet, i.e. before Ronald Reagan took over, medical care was a necessity, provided by people who did it because people needed it, not to make tens of millions a year for an insurance company CEO.  Now, our health is a distant second to corporate profits, and that is why we need the government to smash the health care "industry" down and do away with the vampires who are feasting on our lives.  Get it now, Hadley?

Jeffrey Rodack, Newsmax:  "Newt: Trump Can't Become 'Reasonable' or He Will Have 'Failed'

No comment needed on that one, I guess.  I just want to point out that if that is Newt's main worry, he can relax and lay off the Prozac.

"Remember, most of the bureaucrats voted for Hillary Clinton. Most of the bureaucrats deeply dislike what Trump is trying to accomplish"

What, selling our country out to a foreign dictator?  Yeah, I'm guessing that most Americans deeply dislike what Trump is trying to accomplish.  Not you, though, Jeffrey.  Not you, and enough other brain dead, hate-filled racist assholes to put him in the White House.  To you, treason is just fine, if you are promised a tax cut, right?

Newsmax:  "Enter Your Name or Anyone's – Brace Yourself for Results"

What, ten thousand spam e-mails?

Newsmax:  "Doctors Shocked: Most Diseases Don't Need Drugs..SPECIAL: Find natural remedies and cures for 70 of the most common medical conditions"

And you can find out about this shocking development, just by sending in a bunch of money.  Isn't it funny that you never see things like this at Daily Kos, or Crooks and Liars?  They are supposed to be news sites, you know.  Why are they ignoring the important news?

Newsmax:  "Knights of Malta Insist Ouster over Condom Scandal Was Legal"

Boy, there's a breaking story I don't think I'll be following all that closely.

Dmitri Voltova, Prntly:  "SHOCK: Trump’s Inaugural just raised more money than Obama did in 2008, 2012 COMBINED"

Because that's what a Presidential inauguration is all about- making money.

Dmitri Voltova, Prntly:  "Vote: Should SNL be cancelled after they’ve been exposed as a Left Wing Propaganda?  Should the unfunny Saturday Night live be Cancelled after they’ve been exposed as left wing fake news propaganda and hate speech?"

Of course they should be cancelled, and all their reporters thrown in jail.  That's the way the free press works now in our country.  By the way, Dmitri, be my guest.  Cancel the "unfunny Saturday Night Live."  Just leave us with the funny as hell one, featuring Alec Baldwin.

Dmitri Voltova, Prntly:  "SHOCK: Orlando Terror-Wife arrested, liberals Panic because she’ll expose the REAL story about Pulse!"

Curiously, the article fails to provide a single instance of liberals panicking or doing anything else about this story.  Quel Surprise, huh?  By the way, that's three disgusting stories from this Dmitri Voltova.  I wonder what country he comes from?

And let's just end with this:

Before it's News:  "Stunning Events That Will Take Place Before Trump’s Inauguration...
In 1907, a book was published called “Lord of the World.” This book is about the a U.S. Senator named Julian Felsenburgh, who quickly ascends to become “President of the World.” Felsenburgh has unusual parallels with Obama including that they are both U.S. Senators, both charismatic speakers, and both have visited Paris for major conventions."

And they both ate a hot dog once, and they both have two feet.  Oh my God, it's all starting to make sense now.

"Now, Obama appears to be pulling the strings behind a push for peace among Israel and Palestine."

The bastard!

"The move to have a major convention about solving one of the world’s greatest land conflicts just five days before a president leaves office is unprecedented. Why Obama would decide to do such a thing is not known."

Oh, let's try to take a guess.  Maybe he wants peace, and as he is still President, he is doing what he can to bring that about?  No, that can't be it.  He must really be acting on commands from Satan.

"After (Felsenburgh) takes power, he orders Christians to be killed if they do not renounce their faith."

Man, killing all the Christians.  Didn't Obama leave things until pretty late to get going on that?

"We should be questioning if a 1907 prophecy is coming to life right now."

We should be questioning something buddy, but it all has to do with you and a nice trip to a psychiatrist.

Okay, enough already.  Bye until next time.  They're really on a bender these days, so it won't be long, I promise you.  Or was that a threat?


Jerry Critter said…
Ohhhh! The stupidity hurts my head. How do you do this every week?!?
Poll P. said…
Wow. Their insanity has really perked you up! Ever since Pissgate.
KanaW said…
I swear, they're getting crazier and crazier.
Green Eagle said…
Jerry, I've managed to just sort of glaze over. I go into a trance, and keep going through the crap until I totally lose consciousness and fall off my chair. So far, it's worked.
Jerry Critter said…
Well, there is certainly no end to new material. You can probably do a whole post on the crazy things that trump says on Friday alone.
Green Eagle said…
I am sorry to tell you that I could do a whole Wingnut Wrapup every day of the week. In the earlier days of my blog, I did a lot more of them. But really, it's only tolerable as long as we can get a laugh out of it. I really want people to get a sense of how much of this malignant garbage is out there, but after a while, it loses any shred of humor.
Dikran Hagopian said…
" And here, I thought it was Tulsa, Oklahoma. Or maybe Toluca Lake, California. One of the two. "

What's wrong with Tulsa?

I'm guessing you live in Toluca Lake.
Green Eagle said…
I do not live in Toluca Lake, Dikram. I live at least a half mile from Toluca Lake, so there. It was, however, once the home of the Three Stooges.

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