Making America Great Again

Well, at last we have a concrete proposal from Donald Trump about how he plans to make America great again.

"In an interview Wednesday with the Washington Post, President-elect Donald Trump was asked just exactly how he plans to make good on his promise to make America great again. One potential he floated to the Post‘s Karen Tumulty: military parades in DC and New York showing off the armed forces’ human and materiel strength. 
The Post reports: 
“Being a great president has to do with a lot of things, but one of them is being a great cheerleader for the country,” Trump said. “And we’re going to show the people as we build up our military, we’re going to display our military. 
“That military may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. That military may be flying over New York City and Washington, D.C., for parades. I mean, we’re going to be showing our military,” he added."

And what a magnificent way to increase the welfare of the American people.  After all, Trump will be joining a long tradition of doing this to improve the lot of citizens:
 Soviet military parade-catch the date
  Military parade by you-know-who
And let's not leave this guy out.

Yes, Trump will be joining a long tradition of substituting displays of belligerence for any meaningful work on behalf of the country, but then what else did his people vote for, but more hatred?  Americans, I hope you can find a way to pay the rent or your medical bills with these parades, because you aren't going to be getting much help any other way.


Jerry Critter said…
What a fucking stupid idea. But then, what should we expect from a fucking stupid idiot.
Infidel753 said…
Military parades are not only displays of belligerence, they're displays of regimentation, intended to normalize it and make it look appealing.

I doubt it will work any more, at least with Western people -- parades like this have too many bad associations. But this shows that Hair Furor himself finds it appealing.
Green Eagle said…
Well, it's one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard of. But it certainly does show, as Infidel points out, the way Trump's mind works. And remember that parades like this are at least as much a threatening act directed toward the ruler's own citizens as they are toward foreign countries.
Anonymous said…
"Mother America is brandishing Her weapons She keeps me safe and warm By threats and misconceptions"

Scary how true that rings in this day and age.
Professor Chaos said…
Holy @$%/! I don't know if he's clueless about how that would look or if "military dictatorship" is the look he's going for.
Probably the latter.
Green Eagle said…
Unfortunately, Professor, I tend to believe it is the look he is going for. To an ignorant, stupid person, that is strength.
Green Eagle said…
Anonymous, Blogger disappeared a comment you made, for some unknown reason. I've managed to find it, but Blogger won't let me post it as a comment. Anyway, here it is:

Honestly, I've gotten out of the 'making predictions about Trump's; business. It's been a string of fantastic fails for all who try. That said, this prediction of the Trump Presidency is really quite interesting. I never imagined the congress as blackmailer. Sounds pretty possible. But not the Pence part. They'll keep him sitting there with his pen handy to sign that crap that they're going to send him. on The Trump Presidency and How It Will Unfold

I didn't want you to think I had ignored it.

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