March For Life, Yeah!

Many of you may be unaware of this, but the Inaugural and the Women's March were not the only great outpourings of Americans into Washington D. C. this month.  Today is the 44th annual MARCH FOR LIFE!

And this year, for the first time ever, the event is headlined by the beloved Vice President of the United States, the honorable Mike Pence!  This would, of course, not have been a first, except that for eight years in a row, Dick Cheney was unable to accept this great honor, having had a previous engagement at the March for Death, which took place annually in his office.

Anyway, enough with the dumb jokes, huh?  As is usual, Green Eagle is on the story, which Fox News is covering as follows:

"Pence fires up massive March for Life crowd...Vice President Mike Pence fired up a huge crowd at Friday's March for Life in Washington, telling the pro-life throng their movement is succeeding.  The 43rd annual event was the third massive event in the nation’s capital this week, and drew activists from around the country."


Well, how massive was it?  Curiously, not a single source that I could find seemed to want to be very specific about this, and virtually no pictures were taken from an angle allowing us to see this "massive crowd."  As usual, here is the photo I found, showing the largest number of people*

Judging from this, and one other similar photo that was, unfortunately, in a format that did not allow me to copy it here, I'm guessing that the crowd was in the range of 10-20,000.  MASSIVE!!!

A few comments from an actual news organization- the Washington Post:

"By 10 a.m. the crowd had packed in front of the stage, as hundreds more streamed in to the security checkpoint and down the sidewalks leading to the Mall.

Most were in school and church groups, carrying posters

EventsDC said that 92 buses have obtained permits to park at RFK Stadium on Friday, compared with 450 buses that requested permits for Inauguration Day and 1,200 buses for the Women’s March."

Hundreds more streamed in!  And, as the Washington Post clearly indicates, most of the attendees were in groups organized by the Catholic Church.

Let's just be clear here:  This is a synthetic event, paid for by the Catholic Church, and even so, it managed to gather an audience about 1/25th of the number who came to the Women's march in Washington, if that.  In other words, as with the many other right wing events covered by Green Eagle over the years, a colossal humiliation, which will nevertheless be portrayed by the right wing media and a sad number of supposedly mainstream sources too, as proof of the existence of a huge movement in favor of Republican policies.

No real news here; the existence of a large number of supporters of the Republican agenda has always been a myth, but it's just as well to keep a record of things like this, in our current era of Whatever The Republicans Say Is True.

UPDATE:  I have now seen a picture that may show as much as 30,000 people (whoopee!) I haven't confirmed yet that it is actually from this event, as Conservatives routinely use photos from other events to try to pretend their marches succeeded- I've already seen some from the Women's march passed off as photos of today's fiasco.  I try to be fair about this, however, so I thought I would mention it.

*This is excluding numerous photos from wingnut sources, alleged to be from today's march that were clearly from some other event.  A number of them were from last week's Women's March.  Well, no one ever said these guys were not shameless.


Infidel753 said…
I was wondering just how big the turnout for the March for Forced-Birth Fetishism really was. I knew you'd be the one to look into it.
Green Eagle said…
Thanks. I want to just be clear that the photos I can find of this march are so self-censored that I have somewhat less confidence in my count than I usually do, but that is what I see so far.
Poll P. said…
Why does it seem that attendees were mostly GUYS! And Iwonder how 'massive' the simultaneous marches were in 600+ cities around the world?
Green Eagle said…
All the women were probably out getting their hair done, so as is appropriate for Republican women, they left their menfolk to speak for them. The dirty hippies who showed up for the Women's march just ignored the fact that Saturday is hair washing day.
Jimbo said…
I work about six blocks from where the march took place and I take public transport to work. If I hadn't already known there was going to be a march I would not have guessed such a thing happened, that's how little traffic impact it had.
Green Eagle said…
Yeah, at this point, from all I've heard, I am ready to revise my estimate of the crowd back down to my original guess of 20,000 max. What a sham they are.

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