Why We Fight

"Why we fight" was a series of films made by Frank Capra during World War II, to help the American people understand why the war, so far from our shores, was so important to us.  Well, we don't need to make things like this today; our enemies do it for us.

Here, via Digby, is a short video of a bunch of Trump supporters, which I urge you to watch, even though seeing it was as painful to me as it undoubtedly was to Digby.  Take a look at it and you will understand that what we are fighting for is not HER versus HIM, it is the survival of this country as a decent part of civilization at all:

And never forget this:  When Trump supporters say that he expresses what they feel, this is what they mean.


Grung_e_Gene said…
Yes, it's been proven Trump's supporters are motivated by bigitry and racism and not economics as the MSM wishes. But since the media wants to always run with the disaffected Reagan Denocrats story every election, don't expect real pushback on the 'working class whites defecting to the Republicans' storyline.

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