Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Had Enough Yet?

So, we now have a Presidential candidate who has:

Collaborated with the spy service of Russia to undermine the US electoral process.
Threatened mass violence if his opponent wins the election.
And now, who had deliberately and openly incited the assassination of that candidate.

Amazing, isn't it, how many Republicans, and members of the so-called press, are just writing all of this off, and pretending that this is just a typical election.

With Trump's behavior yesterday, things have really spiraled into deep waters.  I have an idea about this, which I have not heard anyone discuss.  I'm not saying it is true; Trump may very well be the Hitlerian monster he is playing.  But here's another possibility:

We all know that Trump has one of the most diseased egos the country has ever seen.  He has inseparably tied his self-image to being a "winner."  His psychological makeup, despite all of the advantages he has had in life, is incredibly fragile, and he simply cannot stand being shown to the world as a loser.  Well, he can already see what is happening in this election: his success with Republican primary voters, who have been traumatized by decades of Republican emotional battering, is not translating into a similar phenomenon with others; he's got all the people he is ever going to get, and even if the press won't admit this fact, Trump knows it.  Well, if he can't be a winner, at least he can avoid being a loser, which can only happen if he is forced out of the race.  At this point, that is the best outcome possible for him, so that is what he is going for.  If threatening to have Hillary assassinated if she wins doesn't work, what next?  Promising to nuke Washington D.C. or to execute everyone in prison?  Whatever it takes, that is what he will do, I suspect, because that is the only way at this point that he can avoid having to see himself as a loser, which is more important to him than anything else on earth.

Am I certain about this?  No, not at all; it is nearly impossible to underestimate the abysmal nature of Trump's character, so he could easily be okay with assassination and subversion to get what he wants.  Nevertheless, I think it is an idea that is worth considering.

Well, glad I got that out.  Now, on with the next atrocity.


Jerry Critter said...

The problem isn't whether he really meant to incite assassination. The problem is that he said it in the first place, and that there are 2nd amendment nuts out there that believe he meant shooting her.

Isaac Berg said...

"Trump may very well be the Hitlerian monster he is playing."

You are a filthy, filthy anti-Semite. How dare you compare someone with a Jewish daughter with Hitler. Are you saying Trump wants to kill members of his own family? Because that's what I hear when you say Trump is like Hitler.

Are you going to apologize for calling a Jew's father "Hitlerian" or not?

Green Eagle said...

Jerry, that is exactly what he meant. Sorry, it is blazingly obvious, and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Of course you are right that the real problem is not the existence of Donald Trump- there are always tons of people ready to play that role- but the existence of millions who are willing to give themselves over to hatred and violence at the instigation of someone like Trump. But then, as to Isaac's comment, that is what I have always found interesting about Nazi Germany. Hitler himself is really a rather uninteresting character. What is vital to understand is how the citizens of the most civilized nation on earth gave themselves over to him.

And Isaac, just for your information, I am a Jew. I have lived in Israel and am a very strong supporter of that country, as readers of my blog know; I've never hidden the fact. You are hearing what you want to hear when I point out the obvious totalitarian, violent bent which Trump shares with Hitler, so you have an excuse to go off on a rant to convince yourself of your own moral superiority to someone you do not know. That's all this is about. In fact, I'd say you have something in common with Hitler too.

Isaac Berg said...

You didn't have to use Hitler's name. You could have used Antonio Salazar, Getulio Vargas, or Francisco Franco instead. I wouldn't have minded. You could have used Ioannis Metaxas to show how easily a democracy can turn into a fascist dictatorship by someone who couldn't get a majority of the vote.

Instead, you compared a Jew's father to Hitler. I can hear the dog-whistles.

"What is vital to understand is how the citizens of the most civilized nation on earth gave themselves over to him."

Civilized? The country which attempted to exterminate the Herero during the first decade of the 20th century? If you call Germany civilized, you might as well call the Palestinians civilized, too.

"And Isaac, just for your information, I am a Jew."

Big deal. You've accused Jews of anti-Semitism in the past. Why can't people say the same about you?

Sam240 said...

"And Isaac, just for your information, I am a Jew. I have lived in Israel and am a very strong supporter of that country, as readers of my blog know; I've never hidden the fact."

We know. His support for Israel is so strong that, if the Israeli government were, in some nightmare scenario, choose an advocate of raping gentile women and burning copies of the New Testament to become the chief rabbi of the IDF, Green Eagle would continue to back Israel and censor any reference to the fact, even if it the reference were to come from a Jew like myself.

Green Eagle said...

I'll tell you why' Isaac: because they are lying and I am telling the truth. That's why. I know that distinction may get lost in your egomaniacal attempts to dump your hatred on people, but I am sure others can see it too.

Now, I will tell you why I compared Trump to Hitler, and not to Antonio Salazar: because I know about a thousand times more about Hitler than I know about Antonio Salazar, and I am confident that I am making a viable analogy.

Now, as for the Jewish daughter thing. As Trump's daughter did not have a Jewish mother, and only converted in order to marry someone, you know perfectly well that no Orthodox Jew would consider her to be a Jew herself.

What you are saying is just a variation of the old "some of my best friends are Jewish" canard. Now that we've got that out of the way, do not forget that Hitler and the Nazis were about a lot more than just killing Jews. You don't actually have to be an anti-Semite to engage in a lot of behavior that has a lot in common with Hitler and the Nazis. When you have collected a hostile mob around you, and are inciting them to violence against liberal politicians, you have a lot in common with Hitler. If you don't see that, you don't know very much about Hitler.

Green Eagle said...

And as for you, "Sam," I am not sure that you are Jewish. If I had to bet, I'd put odds on your being an Aryan supremacist troll, since you have so many views in common with them.

I am filled with disgust by the current Israeli government. I have been opposed to Netanyahu since before he ever rose to power in Israel. I still support the country, though. It takes someone like you to reject a troubled but viable democracy in favor of genocidal dictators like Hamas.

Jean Valjean said...

Don''t forget about Netenyahu having been a cheerleader in creating the climate which resulted in the assassination of Israel's leader.

Zog said...

Green Eagle:

Do I have to remind you that

(1) Sam is Lev's cousin;
(2) Lev the junior Kahanist has confirmed that Sam is a Jew;
(3) Sam has condemned Hans "GrĂ¼ne" Adler, who (a)actually is an Aryan supremacist troll and apologist for Hitler, and (b) agrees with you 100% on the topic of Israel and Palestine.

Hans insists that the homeland of German Jews is Israel. Sam insists that the homeland of German Jews is Germany. Hans says that Israel should be identified with the Jewish people; Sam says that any state which identifies itself with one ethnic group over another is doing something morally wrong. Since you agree with Hans on these points, does that make you an Aryan supremacist? Of course not.

P.S. Out of curiosity, I once visited the Stormfront boards to determine the general feeling of Aryan supremacists on the Israel-Palestine conflict. I wish I hadn't. Only a small minority, less than 15%, favor Hamas over Israel. An even smaller minority, less than 10%, favor Israel over the Arabs. The majority of White Supremacists want Israel and the Palestinians to exterminate each other, after which the whites would presumably take over the Holy Land.

Paul Wartenberg said...

If Trump is trying to get forced out, he is relying on a weak-willed and cowardly RNC that has been unable to keep a collar on him in the first place.

And getting forced out is its own sign of loserdom. He'll never accept it.

I dread how low Trump will sink to get his precious tiny Id satisfied.

Debby Horowitz said...

"As Trump's daughter did not have a Jewish mother, and only converted in order to marry someone, you know perfectly well that no Orthodox Jew would consider her to be a Jew herself."

While conversion for the sake of marriage is not permitted, conversion due to personal conviction is. As shown by such things as her refusal to use telephones on the Sabbath and keeping kosher, she is living under halachic law. Furthermore, Ivanka Trump was converted by a GPS Beth Din, and therefore would be considered an Orthodox Jew (see here by the Orthodox themselves.

None of this affects the fact that Donald Trump is a megajerk and a short-tempered vulgarian.

Green Eagle said...

I feel I owe my regular readers an apology. I was at work. I only started this show yesterday, and we have a huge set that we have to start building on Monday. I took a couple of minutes to look at my e-mail, because I don't like to make people wait to see the comments which they (mostly) very kindly make. I let Isaac and Sam hijack the conversation to an utterly unrelated subject, for which I am sorry. I'll try not to let it happen again. I should have known better, particularly in the case of Sam, who has behaved like a jackass over and over again here.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Trump is a pawn of Putin. As such hes being paid to get American right-wing domestic terrorists to assassinate President HRC.

Also Trump it's incontrovertible Donald regularly inflicted criminal sexual abuse on his daughters.

Magpie said...

"Are you saying Trump wants to kill members of his own family? Because that's what I hear when you say Trump is like Hitler."

No-one is responsible for the voices in your head, Isaac.

"Antonio Salazar, Getulio Vargas, or Francisco Franco....Ioannis Metaxas"

'Vaguely', 'vaguely', 'yes', and 'who-the-fuck-is-that?', respectively.
Did any of them start a World War?

Comparing Trump to Hitler is not something GE alone thought up. There has been abundant comparisons in the editorials of major newspapers.
Hitler is a figure of WORLD importance and not every discussion of what he represents needs your self-entitled permission to occur. The arrogance.

By the way Germany IS a beautiful and civilised country, and some German people have contributed enormously to Western civilisation. Any country can spawn maniacs. The US is doing it right now. That's the point.

ez said...

"Also Trump it's incontrovertible Donald regularly inflicted criminal sexual abuse on his daughters."

I'm sorry Grung, if you have such 'incontrovevertible' evidence then submit it to the authorities. If you do not have such evidence then it is just conjuncture on your part.

St. Joan said...

G.E., if I were you, I'd delete this entire post and comments thread. Not what I come here for. Keep up the good work focusing on the wingnuts.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh hey ez, guess what you're not involved in the criminal justice system at any level (except probably as a repeat offending perp).

Trump, Racist Limpbaugh and Mark Foley are birds of feather which is why Limpbaugh continually says he knows the Donald's mind and is the best at interpreting Trump, and Foley is invited to sit at the feet of Trump. Child rapists know each other. Also Trump has made repeated donations to NAMBLA.

ez said...

None of which has anything to do with your failure to make "incontrovertible evidence" available.

Do it and prove it or don't because...

Green Eagle said...

Funny that no one really demands that Trump show some evidence for his claim that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS.

I know something about Gene, from reading his blog, and I think that, when he expresses an opinion about something like this, it ought to be listened to; i.e. I trust his judgment.

There are still people who don't believe that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin. Try to take a look at what is right in front of your face.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle and ez,

I was being sarcastic. No I meant it jokingly! No actually, Trump is literally in bed with Putin and his daughters. Trump is the MVP of Putin and Pedophiles. Clear enough ez?

Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps we all should speak in trump-eze, if you like what I say, it is true. If you don't like what I say, I'm just being sarcastic.