Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Well, That's Embarrassing

It was announced today that the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel in Atlantic City will give up the ghost and close after the Labor Day weekend, and right in the middle of the Presidential election campaign.

Now, Trump has not really owned this hotel since 2014, when it went bankrupt and Trump walked away from the workers and creditors with, I suspect, the usual huge wad of cash in his pocket.  No, Trump somehow suckered Carl Icahn, the world's most notorious vulture capitalist, and supposedly a good friend of his, into taking this losing property over; Icahn claims he is going to lose $100 million on the deal.  But, it is still called the Trump Taj Mahal, so when it closes in a month, it will hopefully provide some amusing reflection on Trump's alleged proficiency as a businessman.

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Jerry Critter said...

Looks like he is better at destroying jobs rather than creating jobs.