Still Can't Handle the Truth

Another in an endless series of posts saying the same thing, but it has to be done.

The press and many national political leaders have now reached the point where many of them are willing to admit that, for several times in a row now, the Republican party has managed to throw up a bunch of the least qualified leaders since Kaiser Willie ran Germany in World War I.  And the "speculation" continues about who is responsible for this deplorable situation; is it liberals?  Is it all Obama's fault?  Is it the war on Christians?  Is it the economy, which of course is also the fault of those evil liberals giving things to, well, you know who, who already get far too much of the wealth of this country? And on and on.

All of which, of course, is utter nonsense, designed to avoid mentioning the truth, which is so obvious that anyone who cares can see it clearly.  The Republican party realized quite a while ago that they could never get people to vote for their real agenda, which consists solely of robbing the American people blind so their rich backers can become even richer.  So they made a conscious decision to create a base which had nothing but contempt for both facts and common decency, and which made its decisions based on greed and hatred, which the foolish Republican leaders thought they could turn on and off at will.  And let us be clear about this:  the Republicans did this in utter confidence that the Democratic party, whatever its flaws, was simply too decent to go along with this sort of miserable betrayal of democracy; a confidence which has proven wholly justified (and let's hope it stays that way.)

This pretty much explains the central reality of American political life today.  Of course, the press and the Republicans will get together to do whatever they can from preventing this truth from gaining any traction with voters.  They've done well with this campaign, and given their ownership of the press, and the sort of money from rich sociopaths that they have to spend, they will likely keep getting away with it.


Jerry Critter said…
The Republican Party is what you get when money trumps all - the uber-rich and the stupid!

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