Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let the Tantrums Begin

Well, I guess we can thank ISIS for providing a wonderful opportunity for the Republicans to vent their mindless rage on the people of the Middle East.  The immediate responses of their leading candidates to occupy the Presidency are pretty much as you might expect:

Donald Trump:  “Frankly, the waterboarding, if it was up to me, and if we changed the laws or had the laws, waterboarding would be fine,” Trump said. “If they could expand the laws, I would do a lot more than waterboarding. You have to get the information from these people.”
 “We’re going to get worse and worse. At this point, we cannot allow these people to come into this country, I’m sorry.”

Torture and excluding a billion people from the country because of their religion.  Not to be upstaged, we have this from Tailgunner Ted:

Ted Cruz:  "We need to immediately halt the flow of refugees from countries with a significant al Qaida or ISIS presence," the statement read. "We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized."

Turning Muslim neighborhoods into something resembling the Warsaw Ghetto.  Yeah, that will work.

Now, let us not forget this fact, as reported by the New York Times:

"By most accounts, hundreds of dangerous militants have, indeed, been killed by drones, including some high-ranking Qaeda figures. But for six years, when the heavy cloak of secrecy has occasionally been breached, the results of some strikes have often turned out to be deeply troubling. 

Every independent investigation of the strikes has found far more civilian casualties than administration officials admit. Gradually, it has become clear that when operators in Nevada fire missiles into remote tribal territories on the other side of the world, they often do not know who they are killing, but are making an imperfect best guess... 

Even some former Obama administration security officials have expressed serious doubts about the wisdom of the program, given the ire it has ignited overseas and the terrorists who have said they plotted attacks because of drones... 

Micah Zenko, a scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations and lead author of a 2013 study of drones, said the president’s statement “highlights what we’ve sort of known: that most individuals killed are not on a kill list, and the government does not know their names.”

No one really knows how many civilians have been killed by our drone strikes- attempts to estimate the deaths vary from the hundreds to the thousands.  And that does not even begin to consider the estimated one million civilians killed in Iraq during the Bush administration's criminal aggression against that country.

There is no one that would be happier to see ISIS eliminated from the earth than me.  But still, we need to remember the gross misproportion between the number of them that we have killed, and the casualty total in incidents like this.  Here in the United States, people are perfectly content to just forget about the damage that we have done in the Middle East, but believe me, they have not forgotten about it over there.  Well, they do not have F-15s and drones, but they do have people willing to die to avenge what we have done to them.

 It is vitally important for us to finally get through our thick skulls that they have a very real reason to feel murderously angry at us, which has nothing to do with religion.  When we prove to them that we are ready to abandon our abuse of them for our own benefit, we will have taken the biggest step we can to end this deplorable situation.  Well, that may take a while, because in order to prove that, we have to actually abandon our willingness to squander their lives by the thousands to suit our convenience, and that does not seem likely to happen any time soon.


Adam Alabaster, A-1 American said...

Green Eagle is an anti-American jerk, and this post proves it.

Here's the truth about the Middle East. The Muslims hate because their religion tells them to.

Here's a good statement:

Christians, let me stop here and give you a warning: The "Palestinian" Muslims will not stop with killing the Jews and destroying their history. This talk of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre shows clearly that you are next. You'd better deal with that before thinking that even so-called moderate Palestinian leaders are anything but violent, terrorist murderers.

That's correct. The Muslims are murderers, and Green Eagle knows they are.

From the same place.

These people do not want peace. They are determined to have war, endless war until, as they think, the rest of the world will get so tired that they will give in and let them have what they want; at which point they will begin the same process all over again, in India, or the former Ottoman provinces in Europe, or in Spain, or Nigeria. There is no dealing with them; no negotiating, no good will, no honorable agreements, nothing except endless conflict, in which their massive propaganda operation manages to always portray themselves as the victims. Resist, and you will find your country turned into Syria. Acquiesce and you are signing your own death warrant.

That is the truth about the Muslims, and Green Eagle knows it is the truth.

So why does Green Eagle lie this time?

It's clear why. Green Eagle is an America-hating pig.

When he mentions Israel, he's telling the truth: It's the Muslims' fault, and Israel is innocent.

When it comes to the United States, here's what he says: The Muslims are good, and it's all America's fault. Muslims are wonderful, and the United States is the biggest mass-murdering monster on the face of the Earth.

If we give up bombing them, we acquiesce in their behavior, and are signing our own death warrants. We have no choice but to bomb them.

Green Eagle was right back then. Why is he an America-hating clod now?

P.S. Green Eagle said he used to live in Israel. If he hates the United States so much, why didn't he stay in Israel?

Jerry Critter said...

It is an embarrassment to all Americans that the two leading republican candidates for president are saying such things.

As far as the first comment goes, it just justifies your post's title...except I would insert "stupid" in front of tantrums.

Sam 240 said...


I think Green Eagle did a pretty good job in this post. There's a difference between the United States and the American government, and many people confuse the two.

I've said earlier that Green Eagle is right most of the time, but, when he's wrong, he's spectacularly wrong. Israel/Palestine is one of the issues where he's spectacularly wrong. He is so wrong that you cannot distinguish between Green Eagle and the likes of Pam Geller and David Horowitz on this issue. It seems Green Eagle does worship a god, and that its name is Israel; thus Palestinians are the ultimate evil. He is so anti-Palestinian that he will resort to the worst Islamophobia to smear them.

Take the post you linked to. Green Eagle should know full well that there are Christian Palestinians, and that they have churches. Nevertheless, he deliberately misrepresented Abbas when quoting him.

I noted Abbas was being anti-Semitic in his message. However, Abbas also referred to "Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem," indicating that he views the churches as Christian, not Islamic.

Here's a further quote from Abbas from the link Green Eagle provides: “There will be no Palestinian state without Jerusalem,” he stressed. “We are in Jerusalem and we will stay in it to defend our Islamic and Christian holy sites. We’re not going to leave our country.” It is clear that when he says "Al-Aksa is ours and so is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre," "ours" refers to the Palestinian people, and not Muslims. The majority of Christians who worship at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre each week are Palestinians.

I also linked to an article in the Jerusalem Post dealing with attacks on Christian holy sites in Palestine, such as the arson attack on the Church of the Loaves and Fishes. The church leaders quoted in the article do not see Palestinian Muslims as the threat. Instead, according to Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal, the lack of activity against anti-Christian violence by the Israeli government plays a role in the continuing of such violence committed by Zionists.

Adam, you're right about one thing - there's a huge discrepancy between what Green Eagle says about Israel and Palestine (it's the Palestinian's fault, and it's due to religion) and what he says about the United States and Muslims (the behavior of the American government plays a major role in explaining why "they" hate "us.")

I've noted many acts by Zionists and by the Israeli government against Palestinians, but Green Eagle keeps saying that they're lies, even when they come from Jewish and/or Israeli publications. I don't understand why he's so afraid to apply his thoughts about the United States to the topic of Israel. That's a good question. Asking why he's a clod when he isn't one is not.

Sam 240 said...

Jerry -

Look again at the posts in bold from that first comment. These are quotes from Green Eagle himself, and Adam agrees with what Green Eagle said about Muslims at that time. If Adam's being stupid, then what does that say about the quotes he cited?

For the record, I certainly hope that Green Eagle's thinking on this issue has improved since October.

Green Eagle said...

Adam and Sam,

One little problem here is that your minds are so limited that you don't seem to be able to comprehend the fact that people can be operating from more than one motive. I never said that Islam was not behind a lot of the "terrorism" around the world today. What I am saying is that, as I learned long ago from the I Ching, when we have a problem, we need to concentrate on what we did to get into that problem. This is not about blaming yourself; it is about realizing that you can only affect your own actions. Casting the problems in the Middle East as totally a matter of a religion gone rogue is just a way of averting our eyes from the major role we have played in turning their evil attention toward us.

Now, on to the greater problem with your comments. Neither one of you is really interested in the subject matter or in finding the truth. Both of you are arrogant egomaniacs who only want to convince yourselves that you are smarter than anyone else. So, you deliberately misconstrue what people say so that you can heap abuse on them. I am not really interested in playing this sick game. I don't even read more than a couple of sentences of what either one of you has to say any more, and I am sure that no one else does either. Why don't you two create your own blogs so you can play your pathetic game with each other, and leave the rest of us alone?

Sam240 said...

Green Eagle,

I agreed with your analysis here. I was just saying that Adam's quotes are flawed, as they come from a post dealing with Israel and Palestine.

One little problem when you deal with Palestine is that your mind is so limited that you don't seem to be able to comprehend the fact that people can be operating from more than one motive. Casting the problems in the Occupied Territories as totally a matter of a religion gone rogue is just a way of averting your eyes from the major role Israel played in turning their evil attention towards them.

Now, on to the greater problem with your discussions on Israel. On that issue, you are not really interested in the subject matter or in finding the truth. You are just an arrogant egomaniac who only wants to convince others that you are smarter than anyone else. So, you deliberately misconstrue what I say on the issue so that you can heap abuse on me.

If you can treat the United States in anti-American, why do you call me anti-Semitic when I treat Israel the same way?

Sam240 said...

There was a problem in posting above - something got left out. The final sentence should be:

"If you can treat the United States in that way and not be anti-American, why do you call me anti-Semitic when I treat Israel the same way? "

Dikran Hagopian said...

Green Eagle's knowledge of terrorism comes entirely from this story.

Green Eagle said...

Dikran, I'll tell you what: I am beginning to think you are a Turkish person who goes online to convince people that Armenians are the hateful jerks that they are portrayed as in the worst racist stereotypes. I'm not kidding here- right now, I put the odds as about 50-50 either way.

Dikran Hagopian said...

What's that, Green Eagle?

You're really a Nazi pretending to be a left-wing Jew in order to discredit them?

That would explain why you sing to your pet goat in German every night.

Green Eagle said...

And a Turk of very limited wit, too.

Dikran Hagopian said...

I am not a Turk, you Armenian-hating anti-Jew Aryan supremacist.

I will admit, however, that at least one person in history, were he to be transported to the present day, would call you a "shining wit."

See? I can be positive. Can you?

Green Eagle said...

I really wish someone would come along to replace you that had some idea of how to really have a sarcasm slinging match with me. You are so pathetic that it is not really any fun. You're just not up to it around here, Dikran. I've banned a couple of people before because they were jerks. You may be the first one I ban because you are boring.

Dikran Hagopian said...

I thought you liked boring, with all the self-trepanation you've done.

That might have gone just a bit too deep for you.

Green Eagle said...

Not playing your game.