The Newest Republican Video Dirty Tactic

We all know by now that the seemingly endless series of manipulated, lying videos from a James O'Keefe associate are utterly false, but I noticed a new trick that the purveyors of this dishonest crap are using.  I haven't seen much attention directed to this specifically, so I thought I would write a brief post about it.

It has become the standard practice of these guys to also release long, allegedly unedited versions of their interviews, to make it appear that what they previously released was an honest account.  It should be noted that an independent analysis of the first of these "unedited" videos revealed 42 splices, many of them removing numerous remarks by the Planned Parenthood staff that utterly contradicted the accusations against them.  To be blunt, the long versions of these videos were lies, just like the short versions released to the press.

These people know perfectly well that they are in the wrong, but as usual with Conservatives, they do not care.  They have so far jettisoned any concern for the truth, that they and their willing followers actually revel in their rejection of common decency.

I only want to add that, though of course, dishonesty far predates the Republican party, this utter contempt for decent behavior really dates from the Presidency of the most morally bankrupt man to have ever occupied that office, Ronald Reagan.


BB-Idaho said…
Reagan-had an airport named for him...should have been a landfill.
Jerry Critter said…
Or a sewer treatment plant.
Zog said…
That last sentence has to be a mistake.

You put in "Ronald Reagan" when you should have put in "Richard Milhous Nixon."
isaac said…
You know you are really holding on to nothing when the only case you can press against your enemy is shit you yourself had to make up. Or, you should know. These are the last people qualified to lecture me or anyone about morals.
Green Eagle said…
Zog, I stand by what I said. Nixon was a thoroughly bad person, but it was Reagan who brought an end to the fifty years of regulations that protected us from another Great Depression; and it was Reagan who stood as the nation's moral leader (at least Nixon never did that) and told people it was okay to think of no one but themselves. I don't believe Nixon ever believed he was catapulting the country into disaster; Reagan knew fully well what he was doing.
Zog said…
Green Eagle -

I'll stick with Nixon. He secretly sabotaged peace talks with North Vietnam in 1968 in order to win the presidential election, thus adding five years to the Vietnam War. There's also his secret bombing of Cambodia, which played a role in paving the way for Pol Pot -- those bombs were the Khmer Rouge's greatest recruiting tool. Nixon also gave us the "Southern Strategy." He knew very well what he was doing.

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