It's Him and the Bottle Now

Bye bye to celebrity drunk John Boehner, who is finally joining Sarah Palin in the Quitters' Brigade.

You know, I feel a little sorry for him.  He's constantly attacked as the worst speaker of the House in history, but I'm not sure how well anyone could do, faced with the intransigent right wing army his fellow Republicans worked so hard to create.

So, I've already heard a right wing talk show host this morning bringing up the name of Louie Gohmert as Boehner's replacement.  That would be a treat, huh?

Update:  Well, it's several hours later, and for some reason I have been surprised to find the main take of the "liberal" press seems to be that this act- a sitting House speaker driven from office by his party's own extremists- is being presented as a really good thing for the Republicans, on the basis that it will by some magic force cause those very same extremists who just won a great victory to not want to shut the government down in a couple of weeks.  How this is supposed to work I am not sure, but then everything that happens is good for the Republicans, right?  No matter how ignominious and shameful it is.


Marc said…
I saw the (soon to be former) Speaker as the last firewall between the crazies and getting anything done in Congress. No matter who gets the gavel on the (R) side, it will be seen as a placeholder position until the 2016 elections are over. Nothing of true substance will be accomplished, but a lot can be destroyed between the ascent of the new speaker and that election date. I wonder if any of the media types who fawn over the (R)'s will finally admit the nuthouse has been taken over by the crazies. Probably not. They'll just paint the (D)'s as unable to compromise and O as being angry that the third in line is no longer a person of (orange) color.
Green Eagle said…
Marc, you may see Green Eagle's nomination for the position, in a post I just uploaded. What do you think, would this be the right move for Republicans?

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