Monday, May 11, 2015

Yeah, Where Are They?

Andrea Tantaros, on Fox News:  "Where Are The Organizations In Defense Of White Men?"

Yeah, I mean, where are they? Really, can anyone answer that question?

Oh wait, here they are:

Question answered, Andrea.  Happy now?


Anonymous said...

there it "was",not "there" it is.
Besides it was only the white people in their own country not here

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well, Andrea 'Mean Girl' Thantaros you officially "work" at one such organization. Faux News all Racism all the Time.

Sam240 said...

Don't forget these guys who forcibly administrated birth control to people of Jews of Ethiopian descent.

And the police force who beat a Jewish soldier of Ethiopian descent.

Yes, the Israeli government serves to advance the well-being of whites. But I'm sure that Green Eagle will tell us that the black-skinned people deserve their treatment, since, as he himself tells us whenever the victims are Gentiles, the Israeli government would never do such things unless the victims deserve it.