Friday, May 8, 2015

Ganging Up on the Democrat

An unusually honest evaluation of what we have to face in the next year and a half, from Dylan Byers at Politico:

"...the national media have never been more primed to take down Hillary Clinton (and, by the same token, elevate a Republican candidate). Even before she announced her presidential bid, The New York Times alone had published more than 40 articles related to her private email account, spurring other stories across the national print, digital and television media. Since announcing her bid, the national media have spent the bulk of their time investigating potential lines of influence between Clinton Foundation donations/speaking fees and Clinton's actions as secretary of state. The Times, The Washington Post and others even struck deals for early access to anti-Clinton research."

As I have said on numerous occasions, given the charlatans and crooks who (as usual) make up the Republican field of Presidential contenders, virtually any Democrat could beat any one of them by a margin of ten to one.  What the Democrats cannot beat is the alliance between the Republicans and the mainstream press, which at this point exists solely to advance the interests of the Republicans' rich backers.  And here it comes again, led as usual by the "liberal" New York Times.  So we will have a "competitive" election between a highly competent and principled Democrat and a Republican crook.  These days, that's called democracy.

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