Hero Worship

Not a good way to look at history.  Scott Walker:

“I came of age during the Reagan administration. I was I think I believe just turned 13 two days before his election in 1980. And for me, looking at that kind of leadership, he set the tone, not just domestically with that action; he sent a message around the world as – as you just read off, I think not only to our allies, this is – was someone who was serious that that could be trusted. But in combination with our adversaries, they sent a clear message, not to mess with him.”

You see, that's how our adult, serious Republican leaders evaluate history- through the eyes of a preteen boy.  That's how a malignant parody of a leader like the actor Reagan can still be regarded as a great man by so many Republicans, who don't seem to have ever grown up.


Professor Chaos said…
When I was 13 I probably would have voted for the Fonz if he had run for President. Difference between me and a Walker is I grew up
Green Eagle said…
And I'm just guessing here, but I bet you wouldn't do whatever the Koch brothers wanted you to do, if they only let you be governor.

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