Monday, May 4, 2015


This is what makes me so utterly disgusted with American politics these days.

So now, the governor of Texas, as well as one of its two Senators have joined in on a conspiracy theory that the US military is about to take over the State and turn it into a concentration camp.  The theory involves the Federal seizure of five Wal-Marts, recently closed by the company, apparently in an attempt to avoid unionization, but no, that is too simple an explanation.  In fact, according to this theory, the government is digging a vast network of tunnels around the Southwest* to aid (somehow) in its takeover, and plans to use the Wal-Marts to disguise the entrances to the tunnels.  And no, sad to say, I am not kidding.

In response to this imminent threat of government takeover, the Republican governor of Texas has called out something known as the "Texas State Guard," described by Wikipedia as "one of three branches of the Texas Military Forces," and not to be confused with the Texas National Guard.  Who knew that the Texas Military Forces have three branches?  Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz has demanded answers from the Pentagon about this nefarious plot.  Does this mean that he really believes that the Federal Government wants anything more to do with Texas than it has to have, or is he just demonstrating once again that he is one of the biggest, stupidest jerks in history?

In the meantime, Democrats work on health care and global warming, and participate in difficult negotiations to avert a war in the Middle East and forge the first really positive relationship with the people of Iran since we overthrew their democratic government in 1953.  They participate without trying to commandeer efforts to stop the spread of ISIS.  They fight to prevent the Republicans from gutting Medicare and Social Security.  But, the mainstream press just cannot seem to see any difference between the two parties, and so it agrees that the Republicans and Democrats offer equally valid strategies to run the country.  Even the New York Times and the Washington Post hop on this obscene juggernaut, agreeing even before publication to pay for excerpts from an already discredited book attacking Hillary Clinton, written by a former employee of Breitbart "News" who also worked with Breitbart associate and grand champion liar, James O'Keefe.

Now, we are already having the 2016 elections crammed down our throats- an election in which total expenditures will possibly reach $10 billion dollars, most of it coming from anonymous front groups funded by a few dozen right wing billionaires; an amount more than the annual budgets of the EPA, or the National Science Foundation or the Small Business Administration.

What is there to say about this insanity that could possibly make a difference?  You've all talked to a few of the people that buy into the Republicans' lies, and you must know that the great majority of them are going to carry these malignant beliefs to their graves.  And you also know perfectly well that underneath them is an ugly swamp of hatred and greed, the real motivations of Republican voters.

Even having to talk about this is, in a way, participating in it and thus legitimizing it.  So I guess we are doomed to keep playing this disgusting game, hoping vainly that at some point enough people can see through the fog of lies to realize that imperfect but generally well intentioned politicians are vastly preferable to corrupt, evil demagogues.

Hasn't happened yet.

*Maybe they could provide gainful employment for those Hamas guys that are so good at building secret tunnels.

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