Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Lie to Rule Them All

Let me tell you a brief story.  I remember watching on TV as Colin Powell gave his famous speech to the United Nations detailing the Bush administration's "evidence" that Saddam posed such a threat to the world that we had a right to go halfway around the world and smash his country.  Of course, this was before I was a blogger, so I can't prove a word of this, but I remember listening to what he had to say with total astonishment.  What did he have to back up his case?  Some childish cartoons of the insides of supposed mobile factories to produce nerve gas, a couple of aerial photos of a totally unidentifiable light industrial building that he claimed, without a shred of evidence, was a factory for WMD's and a vial of white powder that, for all we know, was purloined from W's coke stash.  The thing was laughable on its face, and if anything proved beyond a doubt that the Bush administration did not have one shred of evidence to back up its case.

And I was hardly alone.  Millions of people saw the utter bankruptcy of Bush and Cheney's case for war, but they were stampeded into oblivion by warmongers manipulating the fears of the American people, and a compliant mainstream press that didn't care if they spread the most unbelievable lies.

Well, I saw an article today, detailing this unprecedented dishonesty in wonderful fashion.  It is wonderful, not just because of its blunt recall of the facts, but because of where it was published:  in Newsweek magazine, traditionally a willing collaborator with the war party's agenda.  I rarely say this, but it is a must read.  Please take a look at it.

I'll let you read it, which I hope you will, without bothering you further about what it says (you know a lot of it already,) but I do want to add something here.  It is the greatest failure of Obama as President that he did not end this criminal aggression the day he took office, and see to it that the truth was openly discussed, and the perpetrators imprisoned.  His actions have guaranteed exactly what we are seeing now:  As soon as the warmongers believe that enough Americans have forgotten our last miserable adventure in imperial conquest, they start agitating to do it all over again.  Our Iraq invasion has caused such immense tragedy in the Middle East, and with the Bush/Cheney created ISIS still in full force, will continue to do so, while in a mirror image of what happened after 9-11, the Republicans and the Neocons turn their attention next door, this time to Iran, a country far stronger that Iraq was in 2002, which has the potential to deliver the United States a humiliation that will make the world forget all about Iraq, and about the apparently foolish notion that we are somehow better than other, previous would-be world conquerors.


Professor Chaos said...

Refusing to impose consequences on the perpetrators guarantees that it will happen again, whether it's warmongers invading another country or bankers crashing the economy. Both groups we're let off scot free by the Obama admin with his "look forwards not back" philosophy

Green Eagle said...

I totally agree, of course. I can't think of much more to say, except that I am writing a post about why we need to take away most of the rich people's money if we are to survive.