Monday, May 4, 2015

We're So Exceptional

America- another way it stands out from all the other countries in the world:

Screenshot from Alice Goffman, via Daily Kos.


Anonymous said...

That's because other countries have higher executuon rates or they are too poor to keep them incarcerated so the criminals are free to roam the streets

Green Eagle said...

Isn't it convenient to be able to just make up facts on the spot.

Jerry Critter said...

Compared to other countries, we are the land of the not so free!

Magpie said...


Just take a sec to look at the countries on that graph... (assuming you know anything about the rest of the world). Are you saying Japan and Switzerland are poor countries?

I'm from Australia. Observe where that is on the graph. We're a rich country and we don't execute people at all.

Anonymous said...

Japan treats their prisoners very poorly which may be a deterrent.
Switzerland has an open carry policy which may also be a deterrent.
Australia it costs $80,000 per prisoner per year compared to $30,000 in the US. I guess it's cheaper to keep them on the streets

Magpie said...

“Japan treats their prisoners very poorly which may be a deterrent.”

I’ve lived in Japan. People there don’t live in fear of going to prison. They probably have not even thought about it for an instant.
With the general lack of poverty the only crime tends to be acts of insanity or the mob or white collar crime.
I don’t know what you base your judgement regarding prisons on, but I’d rather go to prison there than in the US.

“Switzerland has an open carry policy which may also be a deterrent.”

I’ve been to Switzerland for a prolonged period. Never once saw a gun.
It’s not some ski version of Tombstone if that’s what you’re picturing.
They have national service and they’re a tiny country, that’s why the gun ownership is high.
And they’re a rich country, which is why crime is low… are you seeing a pattern here now? Poverty… Crime… Poverty.

“Australia it costs $80,000 per prisoner per year compared to $30,000 in the US. I guess it's cheaper to keep them on the streets”

Well they must be very nice criminals because my chances of being murdered go up 420% when I go from here to the US, where you have more guns than some warzones and all those people in prison.
Maybe our criminals are all at the beach mugging sharks or helping old ladies across the street or something.

You use the word ‘deterrent’ a lot because you are conditioned to see everything in fear-threat and you can’t imagine that anywhere in the world might be as nice – or Lord forbid… NICER – than the United States of America, land of the free (to shoot black people and kids) home of the brave (as long as you are holed up in a compound with a private arsenal). But the facts are you’re killing 30-40 people a day, equivalent to a 10 year underworld war in Australia, you have 25% of the world’s prisoners on 5% of the world’s population, and more guns than people.
And what you also have is endemic poverty and a privatised prison system wherein the rate of incarceration has multiplied many times since the 1980s. To no good effect.

America is still a great place in many ways but parts of it are a shithole and the problems are of your own making. You need to square up to that and stop buying into NRA propaganda and jingoistic myths.

This chat ends here by the way. I only do protracted debates with grown-ups who have some recognition of facts and who have a reality based view of the world. And have seen some of it.

Anonymous said...

yeah well the left doesn't want "opportunity" especially for minorities unless they work in government.
Anytime a black person even speaks of self reliance they are "shot' down by the left
They want people to remain victims as they have kept them in the inner cities for over 40 years remaining hopeless
Our great society has increased poverty in the inner cities by destroying the nuclear family by having men need not be responsible for their families since the government will take care of their kids for them