Republicans- A Challenger Appears

We have seen how the Republican party has been controlled totally by the rich for a century, and how, for at least a half century, no one has been nominated by the Republicans to run for President who is not the choice of the rich- primarily the investment bankers and hedge fund managers, who include among their members the Bush family (dating back to Prescott Bush, who was an investment banker) and Mitt Romney.  These people have generally had net worths (in today's money) in the hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly extracted from other, semi-rich dupes, but much of it also gained by destroying jobs or (in Prescott Bush's case) supplying the Nazi war effort.  Based on this phenomenon I have been confidently predicting that Jeb Bush had a total lock on the Republican nomination.

I'm beginning to think of hedging my bets, so to speak.  For a new power has emerged in the Republican party- a few dozen people who are not merely disgustingly rich, but who are hyper-rich; people whose net worth now allows them to dwarf the entire rest of the country in campaign expenditure, and whose political behavior is so despicable that it even may make a compulsive liar and sociopath like Mitt Romney look not so bad in comparison.  These are the Kochs, Sheldon Adelson and their few compatriots, people for whom no political expenditure is too great, and no dirty tactic is too low.  And they have their candidate too: a man who has proven to them that he will do any damage to the people he was elected to govern, if it serves their interest.  That man is, of course, Scott Walker, who has been willing to cripple his State's ability to function, and callously cause any damage to its people, if instructed to by the Koch brothers.  Walker is still a cypher to most people, and in the face of a billion dollar plus campaign of lies, both about Walker himself and whoever stands in his way, who knows if the truth will ever emerge?  The mainstream press certainly saw to it that the truth never did about George Bush, or Mitt Romney, and with a little help from them, the Kochs will be able to present Walker to the country as a rational businessman making the necessary choices for the country; choices which always involve taking from the rest of us and giving to these few dozen rich thieves.

So, there it is: the potential of a war between the merely rich and the hyper-rich to control the Republican party and then move on to savage the country for their own benefit.  At this point, I still have to favor Bush to get the nomination, just because of political inertia, but this could truly be a watershed election, in which the pretense of the Republican party to be working for the good of the country is abandoned once and for all, and they begin the rush to their long-intended goal of a land in which rigged elections aren't really even needed to hide the reality of a nation totally owned by a few dozen families, because there will be nothing that the rest of us can do about it.


Anonymous said…
The hate machine is so effective. Several social media acquaintances anxiously await Scott Walker's run. Why? Because he pisses of libruls.

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