More Baltimore

So, last night, while I was cooking dinner, I tuned in to MSNBC's coverage of the Baltimore "riots," and caught the three news hosts that we are supposed to cherish as the liberal end of the news spectrum; Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell; spending an endless amount of time praising the Baltimore Police for the way they did away with any more protests.  Of course, that's not the way the three "liberals" put it- no, according to them, the police were keeping the peace and showing that the system works.

Has it already become established fact that whatever annoying things happened in Baltimore were the fault of those inferior Black people?  Has everyone forgotten that this one night of rioting was the result of years of vicious abuse of the citizens of Baltimore by thugs in blue uniforms?  And has everyone forgotten that this sort of police misbehavior seems to happen almost daily, in cities across this country? Has everyone forgotten that this night only happened after weeks of peaceful protests were totally ignored?

Let me be clear here:  the violence in Baltimore was generated by the police.  They are by far the biggest malefactors here.  Having them get out in the streets in their riot gear and pretend to quell a "riot" that they deliberately provoked , and then to praise them for it, is an obscenity.  The Baltimore Police Department has no more business acting in this role than the Gestapo would have been if they had been appointed to police Germany after World War II.

The police are the problem, in city after city across this country.  And if there is no other way to strike back at them than to go out and smash a few windows and loot a drug store, that is what is going to happen, and it is going to happen more and more, until the white power structure faces up to its abominations and does something about them.

We've heard for years, from the militia members, the "Patriots" and teabaggers, how they are going to rise up and "take the country back," whatever the hell that they mean by that.  Their claims have proven to be hollow boasting every step of the way; but right alongside of them there is a real movement rising up.  We've seen it in Ferguson, we've seen it in New York, and in Baltimore.  And it exists in every city in this country, just waiting for the fuse to set it off.  And some day, an action of unrepentant brutality by police will inevitably set them all off at once.  At that point, decent people around the world will be siding with the "rioters," not the fascists.


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