Wingnut Wrapup

Down we go.  And I mean down:

The Herland Report:  "George Floyd Was Not Killed By Police, autopsy show died from overdose of Fentanyl?  The US media, Democrat Party, white liberals, and the sorry excuse for a leftwing are so primed for “white racism” that they jumped to their desired conclusion..."

A new high in self delusion, given that we see him being killed on video by police. Notice even they had to put a question mark at the end of their claim.  They know it's a lie, but that won't stop them from trying to get the rubes from believing it. This comment is intended for anyone that still believes that the people who produce this hateful crap really believe any of it. 

The above opinion is the product of one Paul Craig Roberts.  Here are a few of his other contributions to modern American thought:

The Anti-American Universities Are a Much Greater Threat to Us than Putin and China 
Ignorant Thugs Destroy Statue of Abolitionist Hans Christian Heg  
Seattle’s Idiot Mayor Makes an About Face  
If it is the Whites who are Racists, Where are the Videos of White Men Beating up Black Girls? 

Roberts lists himself as the John M. Olin fellow at the Institute for Political Economy, an entity for whose existence I could find exactly zero evidence outside Roberts' own multiple websites.  He did, however, have some involvement in the past with the Hoover Institution and the Cato Institute, both major right wing propaganda factories, the latter primarily funded by the Kochs.  I guess of late he has become an expert on forensic medicine.

I must say that the Herland Report is a new one to Wingnut Wrapup.  Here's a couple of other specimens of serious analysis from them:

The Herland Report:  "Why the total silence on White Slavery? White slavery was normal in the Bysantine Period"

Well, let's just get past the fact that the experts who wrote this article on the Byzantine period don't seem to know how to spell it, and focus on the fact that the Byzantine Empire came to an end in 1453.  It is apparently inconceivable to these writers that people might be more concerned about oppression that is still going on right here in America, than about something that happened 600 years ago, halfway around the world.

Herland Report:  "Interview Judicial Watch director Chris J. Farrell: Hillary Clinton ran criminal enterprise from the White House"

Well, Judicial Watch.  I'm not going to get into a discussion about this idiotic organization, which is so lawsuit happy (they always lose) that their founder once sued his own mother. I'm not sure- he might have won that one.  I have covered them so many times before, but if you want to know more, you can look here.

Needless to say, they have absolutely zero evidence, other than a number of endlessly discredited conspiracy theories about the Clinton Foundation, Huma Abedin, the e-mails (of course) and even a claim that there was massively illegal "Obama and Clinton collusion," as though it is a crime for a Democratic President to cooperate with his own Secretary of State.*

The Herland Report:  "Communist Antifa “Red Army Faction” use brutal force to implement US Marxist anarchy"

Red army faction?  Why not just come right out with it and call them Satan's Legion of Hate?  The report bases its claims on the following:

"Soeren Kern at Gatestone Institute writes (excerpts): Empirical and anecdotal evidence shows that Antifa is, in fact, highly networked, well-funded and has a global presence. It has a flat organizational structure with dozens and possibly hundreds of local groups.
A common tactic used by Antifa in the United States and Europe is to employ extreme violence and destruction of public and private property to goad the police into a reaction, which then “proves” Antifa’s claim that the government is “fascist.”

Empirical and anecdotal evidence.  Translation from wingnutese: no evidence at all.

And what, you are asking, is the Gatestone Institute? Or more likely, you are not.  Whatever. I'm going to tell you anyway.  From Wikipedia:

"Gatestone Institute is a far-right think tank known for publishing anti-Muslim articles...Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former national security advisor, John R. Bolton, was its chairman from 2013 to March 2018."

John R. Bolton.  Hmm- I think I've heard that name somewhere recently.  If you have still not made your mind up about this story, here is the testimony of another well-known impartial expert:

"U.S. Attorney General William Barr has blamed Antifa — a militant “anti-fascist” movement — for the violence that has erupted at George Floyd protests across the United States."

Well, okay, then.  Bolton, Barr...Somewhere they probably had a juicy quote from Idi Amin too, but it didn't make the cut. 

And here is a probably delightful interview:

"Leading US podcast TradCatNight features Hanne Herland and New Left Tyranny"

Leading US Podcast TradCatNight?  That's another new one on me.  Here's their own description of themselves:

"TradCatKnight is a traditional Catholic website that covers: the apostasy in the Catholic Church, the coming one world religion/ New Age, False Prophet & Antichrist, prophecy, real 3rd secret of Fatima, Zionism, Islam, patriotism, various endtime subjects, DAYS OF LOT, latest earth changes, health, GMO’s,  prepper/survivalism, geopolitics, economics, geo-engineering, illuminati, freemasonry, mainstream media brainwashing, Agenda 2030, new world order, Planet X/Niburu, FEMA Camps, Mark of the Beast, phony alien disclosure forthcoming, project bluebeam, HAARP/SCALAR weaponry, weather wars, chemtrails, Vaccines, global depopulation and MORE!"

Did they miss any right wing delusion there?  Oh well, I just want to welcome the Herland Report to Wingnut Wrapup.  I am sure we will be hearing more from them in the future.  And as for TradCatNight, here is a little more from them:


Boy, they really do specialize in wrapping it all up together- Jeffrey Epstein and the Covid pandemic are all the same thing.  And I can't leave them behind without one more contribution from them:

"TRADCATKNIGHT: The Eagles Are Coming (Part Five)"

I am not sure if they are referring to Green Eagle there, because of course I didn't read the article, but if so, they are right to be worried.  He is a vicious biter. 

Before it's News:  "The True Story of Barack Hussein Obama, the Spear Chucker - Without an Authentic Birth Certificate"

No right wing lie ever dies.  Nor any racist smear.  A small sample of this well reasoned analysis:

"Obama does not have the spirit of Moses and is possessed by demons.  1 John 2:18 tells us there are many antiChrists. Barack Hussein Obama is an antiChrist but not the “The Main AntiChrist”. Barack Obama, a Black Jew, is just a warm up to the star attraction.   Barack Obama is a dog which is a description of a homosexual in the bible."

Apparently, it is now far worse to be a Jew than to be a Muslim.  Anyway,

"Barack Obama is the beast that comes up out of the abyss and will be an integral part in the assassination of Trump and Pence as per Revelation 11:7.   And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will make war with them, and overcome them and kill them.  (Revelation 11:7)"

I never heard Hawaii referred to as the abyss.  I've lived there twice, and I just don't get the similarity.  And here is where I gave up on this one:

"Will Donald and Barron Trump Be Declared the Two Messiahs for the Jews?"

No, they won't. I can pretty well assure you of that.  The world has gone crazy, but not that crazy.

Before it's News:  "Agarthians Issue Urgent Coded Message As They Emerge From Inner Earth To Walk With Us On The Surface"

I mean, how do you discuss anything with people who claim to believe things like this?  And now, encouraged by our President, they are giving up any pretense of decency:

Before it's News:  "Blacks Are Not Equals to Other Races"

We gave them such a wonderful life since bringing them over from Africa, and they still are a worthless underclass, because they are subhuman.  That's pretty much the gist of this article.

Before it's News:  "Revealing The Satanic Serpent Race Based On A Book In Which The Author And His Entire His Family Were Killed For Exposing This Truth"

I made it far enough into this post to see a picture of its author speaking in front of a Nazi flag, in case you hadn't figured out yet who the "Satanic serpent race" was.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Conservative Principles Never Require You to Submit to Tyranny"

Well, maybe except for that thing in 1930's Germany.  And a few dozen others I can think of.  A list which we here in America will be joining if Kurt gets his way and Donald Trump is re-elected.

"Weaponizing principles is one of the left’s favorite tactics, and it’s right out of Alinsky 101. Rule for Radical No. 4 is "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

Because it is a gross injustice to expect Conservatives to actually do what they claim to believe in.

Todd Starnes, Town Hall:  "Soccer Team Dumps National Anthem for Song Written by Communist Sympathizer"

That would be a semi-professional soccer team in Oklahoma, who are now playing "This Land is Your Land," by legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie, instead of the Star Spangled Banner.  I suspect what really angers right wingers about Woody Guthrie is that he once wrote a song about evil slumlords entitled "I Aint Got No Home/Old Man Trump," that was indeed about Donald Trump's father.  Not kidding; here it is:

And another great example of Republican Projection:

Elizabeth Vaughn, Red State:  "Where Did Biden Get the Idea to Investigate Flynn Under the Logan Act? Undercover Huber Has a Theory"

It couldn't possibly be that Joe Biden, unlike Donald Trump, actually knows something about our government's legal system, no.  According to Elizabeth, Biden got the idea from watching an episode of a television show, West Wing.  This evidenceless speculation is particularly intolerable because we all know that Donald Trump gets virtually all his ideas from watching Fox News.  A similar tactic to getting some lying tool to accuse Biden of sexual harassment because we all know Trump has abused women for decades.  The article continues:

"To fans of the long-running show “The West Wing,” however, the scene had an eerie familiarity. They may have noticed Obama’s goal of curing cancer matched a similar goal put forth by Josiah Bartlet, the fictitious Democratic president in the show, which ran from 1999 through 2006."

West wing was for curing cancer, and so was Obama.  Obama must have stolen the idea from the TV show.  How else could someone come to be against cancer?

Matt Margolis, PJ Media:  "Activist Suggests Replacing Our National Anthem With the Worst Possible Alternative"

Freebird?  I must confess here that, during the George W. Bush administration, Green Eagle did indeed attempt to replace the national anthem with a composition of his own, entitled "I am a monkey from the moon."  It just seemed to fit Bush so well.  Despite Green Eagle's earnest efforts, the proposal did not succeed, something which continues to be a mystery to him.**

Tyler O'Neal, PJ Media:  "NYT Editor Defends French Revolution as America Lives Through a Small Taste of the Reign of Terror"

About 50,000 died in the French Revolution, leaving out the Vendee Civil War, which was related but not directly connected to it.  That is tens of thousands less that Donald Trump's corruption, incompetence and narcissism have killed in the current covid epidemic.  And by the way, the "Reign of Terror" was run by the then in power French government, not those opposed to it.  Maybe Tyler is engaging in a bit of wishful thinking.

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Cheering Supporters Line the Streets to Greet President Trump as He Arrives in Wisconsin"

Ha.  The picture accompanying this article shows maybe a hundred of them. 

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "EPIC! Biden Emerges From His Basement to be Greeted by Line of Pro-Trump Supporters and a Trump Truck Outside Lancaster Event"

And the picture of this event shows fourteen of them!  As well as a truck!  With Trump signs on it!  Man, the support for Trump is booming.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Far Left Companies – Pepsi, HP, Doritos, Paypal, Adobe, BMW – Pull Ads from Facebook"

Just thought you would like to know that giant corporations – Pepsi, HP, Doritos, Paypal, Adobe and BMW, are far left organizations now. They will be marching on the White House with pitchforks and torches any day now.

Frank Louis, Renew America: "It looked full enough to me: Tulsa, a great success for 'The Don'

One third full- enough for Frank to wait a few days, and then come and lie about it:

" Word is that around 12,000 people went through the metal detectors."

Word from whom?  Frank doesn't say. The official count was under 6,200.  As I said in an earlier post, the only problem Trump's people had with the Tulsa rally was not waiting for a few days, like Frank, until short-attention-span Americans' recollections had become a little hazy, to start telling their lies.

World Net Daily:  "Paramedic Joshua Kupelian: The surprising truth about 'chokeholds'

They couldn't even find a single doctor to make the claim that George Floyd was not choked when a policeman put a knee on his neck until he died; all they could find was some attention-hungry paramedic.

C. Douglas Golden, The Western Journal:  "D.C. police union boss: 70% of members are considering quitting the force"

And we thank them for their voluntary contribution to the defunding of the police.  'Bye now.  See you soon, when you are working as security guards at Target.

World Net Daily:  "Trump: he's in office 'for such a time as this'

He sure is.  He caused it.

Elle Reynolds, The Federalist:  "BLM CO-FOUNDER APPEARS TO VIOLATE IRS LAWS ON CNN...Patrisse Cullors told CNN she wants to ‘get Trump out,’ but the IRS prohibits nonprofits such as the BLM organization from making such political statements."

The President is turning the Justice Department into a corruption factory, their own Fox News Network does nothing all day long but try to keep Trump in, and this is what Conservatives are coming up with in the way of left wing crimes.  By the way, anyone who doesn't want to 'get Trump out' is betraying our country.

The Federalist:  "How Our Mass Dishonor Of Elders Helps Destroy Society"

I am not about to tell you what this stupid article says, but about what it does not say.  It does not mention, among its list of dishonoring of elders, the Republican party's willingness to kill them all off in order to protect the profits of their donors.

And now, the Democratic scandal of the week:

Missy Crane, Pro Trump News:  "Census Records Show Man With Same Name as Joe Biden’s Reported Great Great Great Grandfather Owned a 14-Year-Old Slave"

Really.  That's a real article.  It really is.   Count on this one to be a big story with the wingnuts come election day.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Excuse Me, FBI Director Wray, Did You Withhold Exculpatory Evidence From Michael Flynn?"

I think I pointed this out earlier, but whenever right wingers pose their claims as questions, you know that they are lying, and are trying to provide themselves a loophole if they are called on it.  "I mean, I'm just asking.  Its what they are saying."  "They," of course, never being named.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "It Looks Like the Anti-Flynn Judge Could Defy Appeals Court and Keep This Clown Show Going"

It is a clown show for a judge to sentence a criminal to a term well within the sentencing guidelines after the criminal has twice pled guilty.  If the criminal is a Republican, of course.

Jennifer Van Laar, Red State:  "Woke Media Claim Black Lives Matter “Protests” Didn’t Cause Coronavirus Spike"

That is what the scientific evidence says at this point, but of course to wingnuts it is just one more malicious lie, because they don't like the facts.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Communism Comes to America’s Shores: Michigan Woman Urges Voters Not to Vote for Her Republican Father"

In an entirely predictable move, Jim Hoft manages to come up with the piggish wingnut remark of the day.  It is apparently now Communism to favor the election of a Democrat.

Fox News:  "AG Barr tells what he's 'going to do to bring back law and order'

Hint: it was tried before, by Heinrich Himmler.  Worked, too.  For a while.

Newsmax:  "Rep. Liz Cheney Tweets Photo of Dick Cheney Wearing a Mask"

Dick Cheney is an 80 year old man with a history of heart disease.  He may not have that much of his life still in front of him, but apparently despite being a massive criminal, he is not stupid enough to want to give up what's left to help Donald Trump out of the hole he dug for himself.  That is apparently a vicious betrayal of the country.

Newsmax:  "Mueller Report Witness Gets 10 Years on Child Sex Charges"

Mueller report witness.  This is presented as an indictment of the Mueller investigation.  No comment on the fact that he was a Mueller report witness because he was a close associate of Donald Trump.  No, this reflects badly on Mueller.  Sort of like, if a prosecutor gets one mob guy to testify against another mob guy, that proves that the prosecutor is the real criminal.

Theodore Bunker, Newsmax:  "Study: Severe COVID-19 Cases Can Cause Brain Damage, Psychiatric Problems"

No wonder Trump is holding rallies again.  And who says that he isn't trying to expand his base?

Patrick Buchanan, Newsmax:  "Basement Strategy Lets Biden Avoid Tough Questions"

See, it was all so simple.  Trump could have saved himself so much trouble if he had gone down to the bunker and stayed there, instead of having to appoint a criminal to be Attorney General.

Mark Vargas, Newsmax:  "Roger Stone's Crime Was Supporting Donald Trump"

Accessory to treason.  Yup, I'll buy that one.

Elizabeth Vaughn, Red State:  "Journalist Says Don’t Sweat the New Polls, ‘Democrats have gone stark raving baying-at-the-moon bats**t crazy’"

That would be "Journalist"  Bryan Cates, a writer for the Epoch Times, a right wing propaganda rag owned by a murderous Chinese cult, who also writes for Breitbart.  Another example of wingnuts manufacturing their own "experts," who are, of course, expert at nothing but brazenly lying.

"Cates starts with rumors that the Democrats will replace Biden after he receives the party’s nomination in August. Cates reminds us that Trump’s campaign has been setting up their ground game for the past two years. The Biden campaign is still working on theirs."

And how is that "ground game" doing, Trump guys?  Maybe if you keep up your current strategy, Trump can go from 14% behind to 18 or 20% behind.

"Democrats, said Cates, ‘have gone stark raving baying-at-the-moon bats**t crazy.”

Not crazy enough to say that windmills cause cancer, or stopping covid testing will make it go away. And certainly not crazy enough to do nothing for three months while Vladimir Putin pays bounties for killing American troops.  But still, there is Democratic crazy, and Republican crazy.  The first one consists in thinking the rich sociopaths that own the Republican party are going to cooperate in building a fair society, and the second consists in...well, just look around you.

Reverend Mark H. Creech, American Thinker:  "Is violence the way to advance racial justice in America?"

No, according to Reverend Mark.  The correct way is to politely ask white people for equality and then shut up when you don't get it. And come back twenty years later and try the same thing again.

J. B. Shurk, American Thinker:  "Conservatives Are Treated like Second-Class Citizens, and That's Dangerous"

It is dangerous.  They should be treated like rabid dogs.

Tadas Klimas, American Thinker:  "Flynn never pled guilty...we hear belligerent lost souls screaming out:  “But Flynn pled guilty.”  To which one should reply,  “No, he did not.”

You know what?  I was going to describe to you the grotesque twisting of the law and the English language necessary to arrive at this conclusion, despite the fact that Flynn did plead guilty twice, but I won't waste your time.  Things like this are intended for people who are willing to believe that Hillary Clinton eats dead babies, not for rational human beings.

Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker:  "Carly Fiorina Betrays America...How on earth can Fiorina vote for Joe Biden for president?"

Because voting for a Democrat is treason.  And don't kid yourselves, a lot of them believe that.

Ted Noel, M.D:  "What good do the masks do, really?"

They keep people alive.  Next question?

RichieFromBoston, Before It's News:  " Are you ready to Die for what you Believe, Honestly?"

You know what, Richie, I am sure as hell not willing to die for what right wing lunatics like you believe.

And now this news:

Before it's News:  "The Thing" Found in Antarctica Is a Monster's Egg"

Okay, then.  At least it wasn't another kid of Donald Trump.

*Please note that it is illegal for a President to collaborate with his own Attorney General, when the point of the collaboration is to subvert prosecution of criminal acts committed by themselves.

**A true story.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for swimming in sewage for us...
Glen Tomkins said…
"I never heard Hawaii referred to as the abyss. I've lived there twice, and I just don't get the similarity."

Look, obviously Obama emerged from the Abyss via its Hawaii portal, Kilauea. Everyone knows this. Try to keep up!
Glen Tomkins said…
"Did they miss any right wing delusion there?"

Sure, they missed the most important right wing delusion, the whole complex surrounding Crowdstrike, the True Server, and the wider Deep State.

Such a glaring omission makes you want to start connecting some dots. Who benefits from their ignoring the True Server? Obviously these people who wrote this are crypto-Never-Trumpers.

Try to keep up.
ZapPow said…
"Word is that around 12,000 people went through the metal detectors."

That one is true! 6,200 people went one way, then, after a while, 6,200 people went the other way!
Green Eagle said…
I think you are right, Zap. That explains it. And there were more people at Trump's inaugural than at any gathering in the history of the world. And covid went away in April, just as he predicted. And Obama's $450 billion dollar trade deficit was a capital crime, while Trump's three trillion dollar trade deficit is just chump change. And what's a few dead American soldiers as long as Vlad's checks don't bounce? See, everything makes sense.

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