Friday, June 26, 2020

The Perfect Candidate

We may be privileged to witness in the coming months, one of the most cosmic jokes ever played out on a government.  And it's name is Joe Biden.

Sleepy Joe.  Hapless Joe.  The soft guy who allegedly stands for nothing and will fight for nothing.  The "get-along" guy.  The old guy who is too tired to get excited about anything.

Virtually nobody I know wanted him as the Democratic nominee a few months ago.  And yet a bizarre quirk of fate gave him the nod, and it may be the best thing that could have ever have happened to the Democratic party.

Because, who just a short time ago could have imagined that this country would be torn by a plague killing tens of thousands, a destroyed economy, massive civil strife supported by a significant majority, and a collapsed role in world affairs, all presided over by a bloated demagogue who knows no response to all of this but to curse and bellow and brag and threaten, night and day?

It is my belief that people are just damned tired of this vicious clown and his circus- oh, not all of them, but enough.  And for these people, nothing seems as appealing as a quiet, polite, peaceful man who can be counted on to trust the experts and not see the Presidency as his personal property.  The ideal candidate for our time: Joe Biden.

I sure never saw myself ever saying that.  What bizarre combination of fate and circumstances brought us this result we may never really know, but right now, it looks like we can thank the gods for this prank they have pulled on the Republicans.


Paula said...

Amen, brother!

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden strikes me as the kind of person who can recognize and understand the depth of need that has evolved in recent months. The need for genuine effective and compassionate leadership was there before the Trump virus, but that need is now magnified infinitely. Not my first choice but here I am counting on him, like many millions of others; counting on him to win first of all, and then to demonstrate that he is that leader. He may just pleasantly surprise us by rising to the occasion.

Green Eagle said...

I guess that is exactly what I was saying. I would have been far happier at the time with someone who was more progressive and more daring, but I think this time the seemingly chaotic Democratic nominating process has actually turned up a candidate who is exactly what the country needs right now.