Saturday, June 6, 2020

Before It's News Predicts the Future

Too big for Wingnut Wrapup!  Listen in Shock as the people who told us that Barack Obama is Jewish and also Hitler's grandchild, and who broke the story of Bill Clinton's unknown sister, who is the Zodiac killer, and also helped Hillary and Nancy Pelosi kill and eat Vince Foster, now reveal what is about to happen in our country:

"So-called conservative political leaders (fence sitters) are now being primed and lined up to demand President Trump resign from office–most likely will demand that Pence also resign, handing over the Presidency to Nancy Pelosi for the reamaing six months before the election. We see this with former President Bush (evil shit-bag), Mitt Romney (Mormon child molestor), Senator Murkowski, General Mathis (direct descendant of Benedict Arnold) and that have already come forward and other that will later come forward at the right time on CNN and the network feeds pleading a case for resignation in a psy-op designed to appeal to conservatives. I also believe that TPTB are lining up military generals (with payoffs, promises of promotions, etc.) to support President Trump’s removal and possibly even to stage a ’7 Days in May’ scenario.

This all to coincide with mind-blowing, massive protests that are planned in DC (and other major cities) this weekend that will assuredly turn into a raging, violent mobs."

Just to be clear, I could not find a single source online claiming that General Mattis is a descendant of Benedict Arnold, other than this one. I am guessing that he is a descendant of Benedict Arnold in the same sense that Obama is a descendant of Hitler, whatever that is.

"I will bet any amount of money that these ANTIFA terror squads are being shifted across country to the DC area in preparation to stage and deploy for violent actions. This time it is a good chance we will see them use firearms"

I looked for a way to take this guy up on his bet, but curiously he failed to provide a way to contact him to make the arrangements.  However, never fear, patriots; the author of this political comment has the solution to all of this:

"Should these scenarios unfold, Trump should immediately invoke the “Insurrection Act” and then move into DC with the 82 Airborne–giving them orders to ‘shoot to kill’ any and all rioters, looters, arsonists and other types attempting to overthrow the government. President Trump should then Federalize all National Guard units across the nation and deploy them to the major cities that are out of control–along with removing any and all local officials that stand in the way (mass arrests). President Trump should also call upon ‘the unorganized milita’ of the several states (under Title 10–meaning the citizens) to put down civil disturbances, looting and rioting."

Let's see there:  The army shooting to kill protesters, the militia being seized and used at will by the head of State; mass arrest of any political leaders that oppose him; mobilizing armed "militias" to attack any public display of opposition to his rule.  Hey, where have we ever seen something like that before?  Hint: The guy who did it also hid in a bunker.


Poll P. said...

Well, I googled this 'news' source and the search engine helpfully served up suggestions that the judge in the Epstein case is a 'pedo', and that 'ley lines are the key to unlocking the Martrix.' So, reputable source in distinguished company.

Green Eagle said...

If you were really that interested, I would have sent you the link.