Big News From Trump

From the Washington Post, this news:

"Trump says he’s finished writing answers to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller"

And there you go.  If you think the real answers are going to be one bit more informative than this picture, or if you are deluded enough to think they will actually be written by Trump, rather than whatever lawyers he can threaten into lying for him, you haven't been paying that much attention to the news.

Okay, okay, here's a picture of a Corgi dog to help erase the above from your mind:
See, didn't that work?


Jerry Critter said…
It is great that Trump has committed to writing the answers. Now when Mueller indicts him for perjury, he cannot use the excuse that it was the lawyers lying.
Isaac said…
Dolt 45 acted like it was a take home exam from junior high school. The way he talks in general does kind of make me wonder what he got on his school exams. Besides drool, I mean.

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