The True Tragedy of Brett Kavanaugh

Let's first of all be clear who Brett Kavanaugh is.  He is not an honest jurist, he is a right wing hatchet man who has made his career by promoting the worst behavior of Republicans.  As an aide to Ken Starr. it was he who induced Starr to reopen the long discredited story that Bill and Hillary had Vince Foster murdered, and spent two years, knowing every second that he was lying, keeping this smear in the news.  Working for George W. Bush, it was Kavanaugh who induced Bush to go on his absolutely despicable campaign involving the brain-dead Terry Schiavo, inflicting her family and the nation with more years of pain, over something that, once again, he knew was a lie.  He perjured himself over and over again in his original judicial hearings and he has done it one more time with the Supreme Court appointment: every single sentient person in the country knows perfectly well that he is lying over and over again when he attempts to deny his clear intention to mangle the law every chance he gets to benefit the rich sociopaths that own the Republican party, and pander to the fools who obey them.  He interprets the Constitution in utterly contrary ways, depending on whether a Republican or a Democrat is involved; he worked as hard as he could to have Clinton impeached, and now has clearly signaled that he will do everything he can to frustrate the investigation of Trump's massively more malignant behavior.  He has used documents stolen from Democrats in his attempts to seek office.  In truth he is nothing but a corrupt criminal, which is exactly why the Republicans, every one of which is a criminal too, want him on the court.

Now, here is the sad thing:  All of these are indisputable facts, and yet the vast majority of Americans have no interest in them.  The only damned thing that can penetrate the wall of their ignorance is sex, and so after all that has been revealed about Kavanaugh, the only thing that 99 Americans in a hundred knows about him is that he forced himself on a girl 35 years ago.  The same is true with the President who appointed Kavanaugh for the sole purpose of destroying the ability of the country to hold him accountable for his crimes.  Anyone that knows the real facts is aware that there were dozens of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians, and knows that the Russians have a decades-long history of helping Trump finance his lifestyle, and worked to subvert the election process to put Trump in the White House; and anyone that knows the real facts knows that Trump, as President, has over and over again acted to pay the Russians back by favoring their interests over the interests of our allies, and our own people.  This is the clearest case of treason that could possibly be imagined, but once again, the only thing that the majority of Americans are aware of is Stormy Daniels.

So the Democrats, in light of the fact that our nation's press will not cover the criminality of this man, are reduced to the position they are in now, struggling desperately to keep a wretched piece of corrupt scum off the Supreme Court.  That is sad enough, but it is not the saddest thing about this whole malignant spectacle.  And here is the truly sad thing: if, after a life and death struggle against Republican evil, the Democrats succeed in having Kavanaugh thrown on the dust heap of history, there are ten thousand more Republican operatives, every one of them just as corrupt and morally bankrupt as Kavanaugh, waiting in line right behind them.  Can the Democrats crush the nominations of two of these miserable people, or three?  And what then?  If the Republicans are intent on putting such a monster on the court, they are going to succeed, and that is the truly sad feature of this entire process: it is not just Kavanaugh who is corrupt, but the entire Republican party, and they are going to make the government a cesspool of corruption no matter how many of them are revealed for what they are.


Anonymous said…
Sadly, the ascendancy of liberalism was an exceptional, wonderful aberration
to how the US really works. Remember, this was a country built on slavery.
The rot is very, very deep.

That's not to say the good guys don't keep fighting, but Gambling Rule # 1:
the House always wins, eventually.
Ed said…
Brett Kavanaugh Nomination Delayed, Republican Weakness Exposed

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