Sixty Days Before an Election

The Republicans are engaged in a full throated demand that the Mueller investigation must not take any actions in the sixty days before the upcoming November 6th election.  They are obviously deadly afraid that anything Mueller might reveal will further tip public opinion against themselves, so they are citing this informal Justice Department rule as an inviolable law of political conduct.

Well, here is a question that I have not seen asked.  I would assume that if this rule has any standing at all, it would only apply to people who are actually running for office in the upcoming election.  Otherwise, why wouldn't every criminal defendant in the country demand that his prosecution stop for the two months leading up to any election?  Well, Donald Trump and his corrupt associates are not running for any office.  Regardless of the viability of this rule, there is no reason on earth to believe that it applies to him.  Let the investigation and the indictments and the convictions go on.  If it casts a bad light on Trump's whole party, well, too damned bad.


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