Wingnut Wrapup

Time to clear out the latest load of trash- more will be piling up any day now, and I don't want to end up on an episode of Bullshit Hoarders:

Let's just start out with this week's Dumbest Thing In A Major Newspaper:

Anne Gearan and Steven Mufson, Washington Post:  "The choice of a successor to Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state has turned into an unexpectedly nasty political fight that could cost the White House valuable goodwill with Republicans."

Goodwill with Repubicans?  What the fuck do you think you are talking about?  They have been willing to destroy the economy for four years in order to try to wreck Obama, and in the couple of weeks since the election, they have made it perfectly clear that they intend to go on sabotaging him for the next four years.  They hate him for daring to beat them while being black, and they have licensed themselves to stoop to any contemptible conduct they can think of if it stands a chance of hurting him.  These two utter asses at the Washington Post decide that it is okay to ignore that obvious fact and collaborate in spreading right wing lies, and it's just fine with their employers at one of the most quoted newspapers in the country.  With this kind of reporting, it's a miracle that, by November 6th, most Americans didn't think Obama was some sort of monster from outer space.  Goodwill.  From Republicans.  Really, don't make me sick.

Well, on with the rest:

Daren Jonescu, American Thinker:  "Collectivists of the Washington establishment, representing both major parties, have analyzed the 2012 election results and come to a lovely conclusion: old white men are the problem. The only difference of opinion between the two factions regards how one ought to handle it.  Democrat experts declare that laughable old coots are the natural core of the Republican Party"

Well, almost right.  It's not "laughable old coots."  There really isn't that much laughable about people who are filled with hatred and greed, who spend their lives consuming and spreading malignant lies about everyone in the world who isn't just like them.  But wait, there's more:

"Old men -- whether white, black, olive, yellow, or red -- have traditionally been regarded as the sage voices in their communities with regard to matters of public policy and private virtue...they have commonly been appreciated as a steady source of common sense and moral rectitude."

Common sense and moral rectitude.  Obsessing about utterly irrelevant issues like gay marriage and evolution while they let the rich thieve the country blind with their stupid trickle down theories, and drive us into ruinous and vicious wars.  Oh yeah, common sense and moral rectitude- a perfect description of their behavior.

"So why should we listen to them?  The answer is that we should listen to those among them who, during their lifetimes, watched friends and family succumb to the dark side, but had the courage and intelligence to resist, as well as to those who once embraced the "forward"-looking project of social progress, but have since come to a reckoning about the true nature of their youthful fantasies."

Common decency toward others- nothing but a youthful fantasy- the "dark side."  So, the only people who have a right to a voice are those who "have come to a reckoning" about such childishness and are now committed to a sociopathic self-serving world view, "justified" by an unending outpouring of lies.  Well, that should make the country a better place, huh?

Hot Air:  "GOP senators: We’re “more disturbed” after meeting with Ambassador Rice than we were before"

Mentally disturbed, I presume.

Mona Charen, Town Hall:  "Sore Winners...Post-election season is a time for healing, for putting aside the rancor of a long campaign and rediscovering what unites us. It has not been that way this year.  Prudence, one would think, if not generosity of spirit, should impel Democrats to be magnanimous in victory. Romney did receive about 48 percent of the vote. A little modesty among the winners would seem to be in order.  Instead, the gloating has been extravagant."

"The gloating has been extravagant."  And guess what, Mona, it is going to continue, so deal with it.  We beat your corporate billions and your endless lies and your overt racism and your stoking of endless greed, and if you think we are just going to forget about the campaign of hatred you guys have run for five years against Barack Obama, you can just think again.   We're tired of being screwed by a party that only exists to serve the rich, and of people like you who get paid to sucker the rest of us out on their behalf.  You never gave a damn about our welfare, and guess what:  we've pretty well figured out that we would have to be fools to care about yours either.  So, love it or leave it, baby.  It's our turn now.  We're stuck with the task of healing all the damage that you guys and your conservative cant have done, so get out of the way, or get hit by the train.

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "Democratic presidential nominees went from 25 percent of the Cuban-American vote in 2000, to 29 percent in 2004, to 35 percent in 2008 to 48 percent on 2012.  We obviously have a dramatic trend here.  Now, why would that be?...No experience of evil"

No experience of evil, Dennis?  What do you mean?  We have YOU.  You and all of your fellow lying, smearing, greedy, racist, hate filled compatriots on the right.  You.  That's the evil we have to confront.  Cuban Americans live in this country now, Dennis, and they are apparently less concerned about something that happened in another country half a century ago than they are about what is happening to them right now.  Hard to comprehend that, huh?  After all, self interest is only for the rich, right?  Well, look at what I told Mona Charen above- get out of the way, or get hit by the train.  That's good advice for you too.

David Solway, PJ Media:  "(PJ Chicago editor Rick) Moran believes that there “is nothing fundamentally wrong with Americans.” One might be forgiven for wondering what planet the man has been living on."

Yeah, what planet has he been living on, where there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Americans?  Well, I'll tell you what planet he's been living on, David.  It's called Earth.  And just because Americans didn't follow your advice and elect a sociopathic rich predator to be our President, that doesn't mean they are all subhuman.   This idiot continues:

"The facts are these. The vote itself remains highly problematic, given that there were (and are) millions of illegitimate voters on the rolls — illegals, dead people, multiple voters"

Of course, with all of your efforts, David, you couldn't find a single one of them, out of 120 million votes, who actually cast an illegal ballot.  But, I mean, it just stands to reason that Obama must have cheated.  After all, he is a Democrat and he won.  There, I guess that proves that, right?

Sher Zieve, Renew America:  "It's official: Obama voter fraud reason for "reelection"/growing totalitarian government"

"Official" according to whom, Sher never gets around to explaining.  Official according to Sher, I guess.  Sher makes a big deal out of the fact that Obama lost all of the States where there were laws requiring people to have a photo ID to vote- a very common theme on the right these days.  Of course, like all other wingnut complainers, Sher ignores two things:  First of all, these laws only got passed in the most right wing States, and more significantly, the whole reason they were passed was to see to it that Obama couldn't win.  Well, I guess they worked.  As usual, Sher can't provide a single actual instance of someone voting illegally.  Facts? Who needs them?

And naturally, Sher couldn't help whipping out one of the right's favorite lines:

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants."

Apparently, it must also be refreshed with ample servings of stupidity and malice.

And now, how about an incisive and serious analysis of why the Republicans lost this year:

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Where the conservative media went wrong...Although Romney's position was that he was in favor of traditional marriage, he did not campaign on the issue... Romney failed to speak out in favor of traditional marriage, including in the four states with gay marriage on the ballot. In addition to Maryland, they were Minnesota, Maine, and Washington. "Had he done so," Staver said, "his numbers would've gone up and I bet the marriage polls would've gone up." Instead, he noted, Romney was a "one-note" candidate who focused almost exclusively on the economy."

Gay marriage.  If only Romney had "made" the campaign about gay marriage, he would have won!  Fuck the economy, gays are what Americans really care about!  But that's not all:

"Bombarded with messages from the Obama campaign and the Soros-funded propaganda machine, including the Super PACs Soros backed, voters found Romney's private sector experience on Wall Street and wealth more objectionable than Obama's record as a Marxist president. Of course, Romney, acting on the advice of Karl Rove, never uttered the word "Marxist" or "socialist" when talking about Obama."

No, Romney never called Obama a Marxist, which would have totally caused people to vote Republican!  Of course, Romney actually does have an extensive record as a predatory corporate vulture, and Obama has exactly no record as a Marxist, which he clearly isn't, but still, if only Romney had lied more and louder, he would have won.  Sad to say, Cliff could be right about this one.

And by the way, George Soros...these guys can be so boring.

Newsmax:  "Furchtgott-Roth: Fiscal Reform Must Avoid Tax Increases"

Furchtgott- Roth!  Well, if only I had known what Furchtgott-Roth had to say about it...This changes everything. 

Dan Short, Tea Party Nation:  "The great leap forward of this communist cell occupying the white house…and the cabinet…in the last 4 years would make Moa feel amateurish."

Moa.  Moa?  So, I thought I would Google "moa."  Well..."The moa were nine species (in six genera) of flightless birds endemic to New Zealand. "  I'm not sure why Communism would make extinct birds feel amateurish.  And I certainly didn't find out by reading Dan's article, because I didn't read it.  Life is too short, and a cheap joke is all Dan deserves.

Kevin Fobbs, Tea Party Nation:  "Sarah Palin in 2016 Presidential Race is no laughing matter"

Oh yes it is.

Laurie Roth, Renew America:  "Blasphemy against the Lord Jesus Christ at Soul Train Awards"

Oh my God in heaven above, how will we ever survive?  Laurie continues, naturally, with several hundred words along these lines:

"Obama has no achievements, no Christian experience, and is committed and backed in an organized and REAL mission of evil. If he is not the Anti-Christ, he is the precursor. He is like every other now burning-in-hell dictator.  Obama manipulates followers based on a sea of sound byte lies. Reasonable-size government turns into King Kong-size government reflecting the sick core of the dictator."

What this has to do with Soul Train I really couldn't say, other, I guess, than the fact that...well, I presume you get it.  No sense beating a dead horse here.   Never change, Conservatives.  You are so cute just the way you are.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Surreal: Obama's Fiscal Cliff Proposal Stuns Washington"

Surreal that Obama is proposing exactly what he ran for reelection on, and what the voters voted for.  Surreal that he seems to think that anyone but the extremely rich has any rights in this country.  Oh well, these are the same people who found it surreal when the polling turned out to be right.  Here's a little more from this idiot:

"At this moment, Republicans in Congress need to examine which presents a more dire threat to the country: A) A double-dip recession driven by the sequester and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, or B) the public’s belief (verified through polling) that our giant debt, our ticking time bomb of entitlements, and our gargantuan government can be solved by “asking the richest Americans to pay a little bit more,” as Obama insists."

Hey, here's an idea: if we can't solve our problems by asking the rich to pay a little more, how about asking them to pay a whole lot more?  Like maybe everything to reverse the damage that their greed caused, and then a little more to see to it that they don't act that way again?  Oh no, that wouldn't be fair.  Rich people are the JOB CREATORS, and if you charge them a cent, they might just abandon their multimillion a year "jobs" and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives.  What a tragedy that would be.

David Limbaugh, Town Hall:  "So, how about some bold, straight language from our side? How about telling the American people exactly what Obama is up to?"

Americans just got done spending a year hearing what Obama is up to, David.  That's why they reelected him.

Yossi Gestetner, American Thinker:  "Americans Spend as Much on Lotteries as on Afghan War"

Yeah, but with the lotteries, at least we have one chance in ten million of winning.

And let's just finish off by looking at how Tea Party Nation is constructively responding to Obama's victory:

Paul Szemanczky, Tea Party Nation:  "Obama's 2nd Term: Transcendent Hitlerism"

You read that right.  I am not even going to bother you with the turgid and incomprehensible argument for his contention that Obama is even more Hitlerish than Hitler.  It makes as little sense as anything I've ever read from these guys.  I just can't wait to reach a bipartisan compromise with people like Paul. 


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