The Worst Negotiator in the World

So, President Obama has decided to use the nation's (undoubtedly fruitless) fixation on the latest mass murder as cover to capitulate completely and utterly to the  corrupt demands of the Republicans that the rich be given a huge reward for ruining the economy, and that the rest of us must pay the price.

One would think that the most dimwitted of negotiators would have noticed by now, after having been suckered by the Republicans over and over again, that if you start by offering an implacable enemy half of what he wants, he is only going to ask for more over and over again, and hold you hostage until you end up with nothing and he ends up with virtually everything he wants, while still denouncing you as an inflexible maniac who is preventing them from getting even more, which would have totally fixed things. 

Obama has done this over and over again.  The result is that Republicans continue to sabotage the economy at every single step, while getting away with blaming Democrats for all of the disasters Republican economic cant has caused.

At this point, it must be obvious to the least observant  that rewarding the rich for their disastrous behavior results in nothing but digging our national hole even deeper, and leaving the Republicans with an even larger deficit to scream about (when Democrats are in control, of course.  Deficits, as Dick Cheney openly remarked, mean nothing when Republicans are running things.) 

What no one in Washington wants to talk about (least of all Obama) is the gross unfairness of allowing a very small cadre of very rich people to plunder the economy into a depression, and then demanding that everyone else pay the price.  Equally important is the obvious fact that, until these people are made to bear the price of their misconduct, they will never change.  It is time that hedge fund managers, insurance executives, oil company CEO's and the rest of them be treated as the monstrous criminals they are, along with the corrupt politicians that have given a gloss of legality to their behavior.  Asking the rest of us to pick up the tab until these people have been squeezed dry of every penny of their stolen wealth, is an injustice which reduces political figures to the level of Quisling or Petain, mere collaborators with this evil.  And from what I am hearing today, Obama has pretty much joined our very own Vichy government.


Grung_e_Gene said…
Oh, tsk, tsk, making the disgusting worthless Rich pay for the destruction and misery they've caused in their plundering of the US Economy would be Class Warfare!

Can't have that!

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