My Sentiments Exactly

No minced words here, from BrooklynBadBoy at Daily Kos:

"I think it is time to bring this silly business to a head. We can't keep running government like this, from crisis to crisis. It is time to break the Republican Party and fracture it for the rest of President Obama's term. If Boehner gets overthrown and we get someone worse, so be it. We need to either break this party or just go ahead and shut down the government and default. I prefer the former.

The President cannot continue to allow these manufactured events to dominate because the opposition is run by crazy people. If they want to default, fine. One way or the other, this madness has to end."

Perfectly said.  The only exception I would make to this is that we need to fracture the Republican party for a lot longer than the next four years.  They are an evil disease, eating away at our country, and after their recent defeat it is already clear that they are never going to change, except for the worse.  Out with them- it's the only answer.


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