News Stories That Just Don't Make Us Feel All That Sad

From that unspeakable twerp, Katie Pavlich, at Town Hall:

"Civility: NRA Leaders and Members Getting Death Threats...Are you a member of the National Rifle Assocation? If so, you might want to keep your head down. Unhinged liberals are calling for NRA President David Keene and NRA members to be shot...The NRA has zero resposibility for the horrific tragedy in Connecticut last week."

Oh, the poor dears!  Katie is apparently of the opinion that we should feel much worse for these poor people, who must live in fear of being attacked with the weapons they fought their entire lives to put into the hands of crazy people, than we do for, say, a certain 20 children I can think of.  Those children were merely collateral damage in the fight to preserve our FREEDOM! and we must accept their slaughter as a fair price to pay for the right of gun manufacturers to sell anything to anyone they can find.  The NRA, on the other hand did nothing but exercise their God-given right to see to it that the nation is filled with weapons capable of doing things like this, within easy reach of any lunatic who can be driven by scum like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to think that the death of children is the answer to their frustrations.

Here's Katie.  In true Fox News tradition, Town Hall has made this 23 year old their "news editor," in spite of the fact that she is an ignorant and hate-filled cracker with nothing on earth going for her other than being moderately attractive.

I am not going to bother you with the endless piggish comments on this "news item."  You could predict them all perfectly.  All I can say is, keep thinking like this, Conservatives.  It is your quickest route to political oblivion. 


Magpie said…
"Unhinged liberals are calling for NRA President David Keene and NRA members to be shot..."

I weep at the irony.

But.... it's okay guys.

'We didn't bring our guns this time'
JohninOregon said…
I think it was Media Matters that recently carried a rumor that Pavlich was being considered for a slot at Breitbart. She'd fit right in.
Unknown said…
She forgets, as all wingnuts do, about President Obama and over 43,830 death threats in his first four years. There have been numerous threats against the first family, also
jspopin said…
BTW is Conservative Fact dead? There haven't been any new post since last week.

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