Wrong Again. As Usual.

Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post, which specializes in misinterpreting everything in favor of the Republicans, today:

"There are only two possible reasons for House Republicans to behave the way they did. Maybe they are so blinded by ideology that they no longer care about the impact their actions might have on struggling American families. Or maybe their only guiding principle is that anything Obama supports, they oppose."

Still working every day to avoid gazing at the real reason why Republicans act this way: the Republican party is a corrupt conspiracy to do whatever is in the short-term interest of the very rich.  They haven't cared about "struggling American families" for a hundred years.  They didn't care in the nineteen twenties when they cut the top tax rate by 75% and did away with banking regulations, thereby precipitating the great depression.  They didn't care when they pulled the same stunt this time around.  "Struggling American families" are nothing but suckers to them, to be lied into stabbing themselves in the back, so we end up in a country where, for example, the six direct heirs of the Walton fortune have more net worth than the bottom 30% of the population.

But God forbid that even an ostensibly liberal columnist like Eugene Robinson should dirty himself by coming into contact with the truth.  No, better to just stand by and let the country descend into an oligarchic dictatorship.


Dave Dubya said…
The corporate media will not tolerate the unspoken truth about who owns the politicians. Their job is to promote the illusion of democracy.
Anonymous said…
look who's talking about the illusion of democracy. Looks like those who were hiding in the shadows are coming back to show their true colors hiding behind Liberation Theo Marxism, hidden behind the fern-infused schemes of Green
Redistribution ripoffs and scientific fraud,behind the academic indoctrination farms of
plastic ivy and behind the Workers Party “union” scams and corruption.
Green Eagle said…
Boy, Anonymous, it must have taken you most of Christmas day to fit that many meaningless right wing catch phrases in one sentence.

I hope you found it to be a good use of the day. Me, I spent my Christmas with my family.

That's the difference between liberals and conservatives, I guess.
Anonymous said…
Yeah well I spent mine feeding the homeless at Church with the rest of those evil Christians

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