Standing Firm

From a piece at Daily Kos (part of this is quoting Greg Sargent:)

"A senior Senate Republican aide I spoke to this morning said the sentiment among some Senate Republican aides is that the House holds no leverage at all. And he suggested a very interesting endgame in this fight for Dems.

“The House has zero leverage,” this Senate GOP aide says. “If I’m Schumer or Reid, what I’d do is let it expire and force the House to come back the next day and pass it.”

And according to a Democratic aide who spoke with Sargent, that appears to be exactly what Democrats are doing...So Democrats are standing firm."

Standing firm.  For how long?  The last three years have been littered with examples of Democrats not standing firm, even when they held all the cards and the American people were overwhelmingly on their side.  Unfortunately, the far more likely scenario is that Congressional Democrats are just milking this for a little (nonexistent) propaganda benefit before caving in to the Republican' vicious, impotent threats.  Anyone want to bet that this time will be different?

And while I'm on the subject, it is hardly news at this point that every thing any Republican ever says in public is a lie, but here we have the proof that the supposed Grand Principle of Republicanism, that upon which everything else they do is allegedly based, is just one more gigantic lie.  The Republican pledge to never, ever, NEVER raise taxes turns out (what a surprise) to apply only to taxes on the rich, who despite paying historically minimal taxes must not be asked to pay one cent more to rescue the country from the consequences of their own greed.  No, it's perfectly all right to raise taxes on everyone else in the country, no matter how much they are suffering economically.  As I have said over and over again, the Republican party is a traitorous conspiracy to thieve the nation's wealth for the rich.  That is all they are, period.

When I see Democrats start to point that out, maybe I will reconsider the kind of thinking that led me to write the rest of this post.


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