Friday, January 21, 2011

Fred Attacks Ozzie. Fred, You'd Better Hope Ozzie Doesn't Bite Back.

Via TPM (sorry, guys, I couldn't resist,) the latest in the annals of  Fred Phelps and the clowns at the Westboro Baptist Church:

I'm sure Ozzie is petrified with fear over Fred's disapproval.  I hope for Fred's sake that he gets a more respectful response than he did at Comicon last year:


Anonymous said...

the guy is a moron. I don't think any conservative would say otherwise.
Waht are you trying to imply that he represents conservatives?

Dave Dubya said...

I guess Baptists are not "conservatives" after all. Whodathunk?

Anonymous said...

keep spreading the lies and the hate when you got nothing else.

Anonymous said...

you calways get extremists who pervert their religion

Green Eagle said...

I never said a thing about the political alignment of Fred Phelps. In fact, I don't think he is any more than a publicity seeking egomaniac who has found a way to stay in the national news and loves the attention.

It is interesting, however, that Anonymous immediately perceived my post about Fred as an attack on conservatives. I'd say it's you, not me, Anonymous, who has identified him as one of your own.