Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Comment on the Republican Health Care Vote

As low as my opinion of the mainstream press is, it still depresses me that not one of them seems to be willing to honestly discuss the purpose of the latest cynical Republican abuse of power, the meaningless vote in the House of Representatives today to repeal "Obamacare."

Of course, the Democrats don't help things much.  I saw Dennis Kucinich yesterday on TV, along with one of the Republican' endless supply of interchangeable liars.When the liar kept referring to polls in which people were against Obamacare, Kucinich did not have the sense to point this out: they have the opinions they do because the health insurance companies and the for-profit hospitals spent over $600 million dollars to swindle them into buying a pack of vicious lies about the legislation.  When polled about the actual contents of the bill, the American people were strongly in favor of all of it.

Convincing people to believe what is false is what Republican talk is about.  Of course they know that this vote will get them nowhere.  But it provides them with a public platform and the willing assistance of the press to continue spreading their malignant disinformation, knowing that every day they do, a few more people fall for it.  This is a pattern of behavior which springs from the most contemptible dishonesty, but there you are, that's our Republicans.


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