Thursday, January 27, 2011

Palin Claims Obama's Wrong, USSR Won The Space Race

Well, she should know.  She can see space from her front porch.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Let me try to understand this:

Michele Bachmann was awarded prime time cable teevee coverage for her SOTU rebuttal, when the GOP rebuttal was already awarded to another GOPer. And just before she was given this coverage, she was on video making a spectacularly stupid assertion--that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery.

Then we get Sarah Palin on FAUX NOOZ telling some talking hairdo that the USSR won the space race, completely ignoring the fact that the US put the first man on the moon?

And on this day, one of Limbaugh's ditto heads threatens a Calif. state senator and calls President Obama a Marxist N***er.

Next, we have 400 rabbis condemning Glenn Beck's anti-semitism, and ask his employer to get Beck to stop the Holocaust and Nazi rhetoric.

These 4 are among the TPs top heroes.

Imagine that? A racist, an idiot, a liar, and an anti-semite.

These are the characters that the Tea Party Goopers look up to and admire.

Supposedly half the country is conservative, and these loathsome lamebrains are their heroes?

Anonymous said...

Green Eagle said...

Once again, Anonymous, who has apparently limited reading skills, resorts to a You tube video. In this video, the narrator manages to find several people at teabag rallies who are able to speak for several seconds each without appearing overtly racist. Hooray for you, Anonymous.

I have been to numerous tea parties (when it still made sense for the Koch brothers to pay for them) and have reported on this pathetic "movement" from the beginning. There is a heavy undertone of racism at these events, and as I would talk to attendees, careful conversation would reveal that many of them posessed strongly racist views. That's my experience, and it's not based on something I saw on You tube.

Once again, Anonymous, unlike you and people like you, I make sure that I know what I am talking about. That's why your prospects for getting anywhere here are pretty much zero, as long as you persist in your infantile beliefs.

magpie said...

As they say in The Right Stuff... "Our Germans are better than their Germans".

The space race was two bits of plankton trying to prove who owns the ocean.

The USSR was first in a few major achievements: the first artificial satellite, the first living creature in space, the first man and woman in space, the first spacewalk.

Now India, Japan and China all have space exploration programs. The European Space Agency doesn't bake cookies for a living.

Maybe one day they will discover life more stupid than Sarah Palin. It's a big universe.

Anonymous said...

where's the link?

Anonymous said...

well we all can't be as informed as the All American Citizen who thinks the U.S. has 57 states.
Or is that 57 Arab states?

Anonymous said...

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous finds some foreign investor that none of us has ever heard of until now, who doesn't like Obama.

Once again, it is entirely irrelevant to any point I could have possibly be trying to make in my one sentence post, and it means nothing, just like the guy Anonymous referenced the other day who got some teabaggers to deny that they were racists.

Anonymous said...

So what we never heard of Obama until like 10 minutes before he became president.

Green Eagle said...

Pretty much just like Abraham Lincoln.

Obama saved the country from a Republican depression. You can never change that fact. Democrats govern responsibly, Republicans are nothing but a bunch of tools in the hands of people who are robbing the country blind. That's the truth, no matter how you twist things to try to make things seem different.

What do you think you are ever going to get by spreading their lies, Anonymous? Do you think they are going to pay you tens of millions of dollars to write your childish comments, like they pay Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? You are a sucker. Face the truth before you help them destroy our country.

Anonymous said...

Oh puleeez. How do you feel about the biggest bailout of all for Fannie Mae? not to mention the tax payers having to pay the legal fees for Franklin Raines.
I bet that was Bush's fault too right?
Was it Bush's fault that banks were forced to give out loans to people they knew couldn't pay otherwise be brought up on charges of being "racist"?
I guess that was Bush's policy too right?

Wake up and smell the Tea because the koolaid is drowning your facts.

Anonymous said...

Green Eagle said...

"Was it Bush's fault that banks were forced to give out loans to people they knew couldn't pay otherwise be brought up on charges of being "racist"?"

That was not Bush's fault because it never happened. That is one more Republican lie, which completely falsifies what the Community Reinvestment Act was about.

And let's be straight: Loans made by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made up an utterly insignificant part of the subprime mortgages. As Krugman makes clear:

"Fannie and Freddie had nothing to do with the explosion of high-risk lending a few years ago"

You can see the rest at:

As usual, Anonymous, you fall for right wing lie after right wing lie. For your own sake as well as the rest of us, you need to face reality.

Green Eagle said...


You fear that "Supposedly half the country is conservative, and these loathsome lamebrains are their heroes?"

My continued examination of these people suggests to me that the truly brain dead right amounts to 12-15% of the populace, with another 10-12% of mindless Republican voters giving Republicans a head start in most elections of 25-30%. It suits the corporations who own the media to make that 12-15% of true believers seem like a majority because these people can be counted on to let themselves be manipulated into supporting the corporate position.

Sad to say, numbers don't necessarily tell the whole story. As we saw in Tucson recently, one person with a gun can outweigh hundreds who peaceably gathered to participate in our democracy.