Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Tidbit from the Shawna Forde Right Wing Terrorist Trial

What the right is bringing to our country, from the Shawna Forde trial:

"(Her only surviving victim) testified about people posing as law enforcement officers coming into her home and shooting and killing her husband, Raul "Junior" Flores, shooting and wounding her, then turning the gun on their 9-year old daughter Brisenia.

"He's all out of bullets by then because he's used them on me and Junior. So he stands there and he loads the gun right in front of her (Brisenia)," Gonzalez says.Prosecutor Kellie Johnson asks, "And is this something you can see happening?"Gonzalez answers, "I can hear it happening. I can hear her telling him to 'please don't shoot me.'"

The child is then shot and killed.

This is the face of evil.  The only difference between these people and Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe is the scale of their depredations.  And believe me, as long as the nation is willing to avert its face from the connection between these people and one of our two major political parties, the violence will grow until it will stand alongside the worst of murderous dictators.  The monster has already been let out of its cage.  It is only a question of what it will take before the rest of us determine to stop it.

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