Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Question For Gun Nuts

We are told constantly by conservatives that the reason they are allowed to own guns is so they can protect themselves against a tyrannical government.  When they take a loaded gun into a bar, or down to the mall, how, exactly, are they protecting themselves against the government?  Do they think the U. S. army is going to come marching in at any second and start a war with the people shopping at Wal-Mart? Do they think a meeting with their congressman is going to end in them all being rounded up and taken to concentration camps?

If protecting themselves against the evil government is the real reason that they need their guns, why do they insist on belligerently strutting around with them in public, which would only make them more identifiable as government targets?

In fact, if they are truthfully explaining their obsession with guns, would it not be the case that appearing with them in public identifies them immediately as being committed to the violent overthrow of the government, and therefore perfectly legitimate targets to be arrested and tried for sedition or treason?

Just wondering.

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