Wingnut Wrapup- Can They Be Any Worse Dicks Version

Is there no world crisis big enough to focus their attention on reality?  Okay, okay, we all know the answer is no, but here's their response to the threat of nuclear war, just to prove the point.  As I have begun doing recently, I won't dignify these people of the hive mind by identifying them individually, so you will just have to trust me when I tell you that I didn't just make it all up.  Which, given what you are about to read here would make me a horror writer of Lovecraftian proportions, but alas, it's all too real.

So here is the current state of their explanations of what is going on in Ukraine and with Biden, starting with this stunning news:

No word about the couple of dozed women that Trump raped.  And on we go.

"Trump, Putin, Zelensky, XI, Modi Are Allies! MSM Media Is Lying About Everything!"

Well, nobody sane ever doubted that Trump and Putin are allies, in the sense that my Corgi dog is my ally because he follows me everywhere I go.  As for the others, the claim that Zelensky is Trump's ally is a nauseating lie, and Xi has no use for a tool like Trump.  Well, two out of four- not so bad for a wingnut.

"Military Defies Biden Regime, Refuses to Deploy??  The criminal Biden regime on 2 February announced it had deployed 2,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division to Western Europe in response to Russian troops massing near the Ukrainian border."

The military mutinied?  I don't think so.  

"It posted to social media photographs of what appeared to be a company of battle-ready soldiers standing at attention while awaiting orders to board a military transport plane. But the photos are disingenuous, created entirely from Photoshop, Just like Obama’s birth certificate, a high-ranking military source told Real Raw News."

A high ranking military source.  Unnamed, of course, because he is probably in the Russian military. And I love the idea that Obama's birth certificate was created in Photoshop, 27 years before Photoshop was invented.  By the way, dumbass, if you were going to create a fake birth certificate, I think you'd do it in Illustrator, not Photoshop.  Take it from someone in the movie business, where we make fake documents every day.

"(Fort) Bragg’s senior leaders, including commanders of the XVII Airborne Corps, 1st Special Forces Command, and 75th Ranger Regiment, have denounced Biden and instead sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution.   “They’re not taking orders from an administration living in a soundstage dressed like the White House,” our source said."

Dressed like the White House?  You mean something like this?

Trust me, guys- nobody is going to buy a used war from these people.

“The criminals posing as leaders would take a huge morale hit if the public found out what’s really going on, so they’re photoshopping old pictures and making CGI videos, you know, to give the appearance of authority. Make no mistake, we’ll defend our nation to the death, but we’ll not obey puppet leaders.”

You won't obey puppets and you won't obey people dressed up like buildings.  Who do you trust?  No, don't answer that...I suspect it's someone with a funny little mustache.

"Patriot Underground: Russia Targets Khazarian Mafia in Ukraine!"

It's always the Jews in the end.  Vlad is protecting Ukraine from the Jews.  And it's the Ukrainians that are the Nazis.  Anybody can see that.  Anybody that thinks that Trump is trying to free the country from corruption, at least.

"Russian Troops Welcomed Near Kharkov – Unverified video has surfaced online purporting to show Russian armored vehicles entering a settlement near Kharkov in Eastern Ukraine and being cheered on by citizens."

Unverified video.  "Purporting."  Yup.  

"For the past eight years the Ukraine had been an Illuminati stronghold housing Deep State biological weapons labs."

Funny it never occurred to Trump to mention that until now.

"Biden wants the Ukraine burned down... The Ukrainians were doing a large investigation into Biden/Obama and have a lot of evidence against Obama/Biden and their Administrations."

Here we go with the Hunter lies again.  

"Situation Update: Russia Against Ukrainian Deep State! DS Bio-Labs All Over Ukraine! Not A Ukraine Invasion!"

No, of course it's not an invasion when a country sends 100,000 troops into your land and starts shooting everyone.  It's for your own good.

"Globalists need to start a world war to cover up HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES, Death and harmful side effects of the CLOT SHOT. …Sergeant News Network"

Oh, the Deep State got Putin to invade Ukraine to cover up the evil effects of the Covid vaccine.  Well, that explains a lot.  

"Alive in the Witness Protection Program: John Denver, John Kennedy Jr., Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Paul Walker, Bernie Mack, Chris Farley, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain"

Okay, okay, nothing to do with Ukraine, but still, shocking and absolutely true news.  

"There were four Uniters of the Nation: John F Kennedy Jr, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley."

What does that even mean?  How did Princess Diana unite anyone?

"John G Trump (Trump’s Uncle) and Jesse D Presley (Elvis’ Grandfather) was the same person, making Elvis & Donald first cousins. JFK and Joseph and Julian Assange were also cousins.

Nicola Tesla’s accountant was Prescott Bush.

In the book “The Secret Life of Howard Hughes” it reported that Howard faked his death and had a second life where he invented the Time Machine with Nikola Tesla in the Nevada Desert.  Howard Hughes was Elvis Presley’s best friend and helped Elvis stage his death.

"U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is none other than Joe Biden's daughter Naomi Christina Amy Biden! She did not die in a car crash as reported back in 1972."

Now you know!

"All your education comes from Zionists like Epstein. He is/was the majority owner of Harvard."

Epstein owned Harvard.  Okay.  I guess.  How do you even make fun of stuff like this?

"Bono, Lebron James, Sean Penn & Leonardo Dicaprio all tie to HAITI Child Trafficking. Now Think Kobe Bryant in Federal Witness Protection Program."

Okay, enough already.  On we go:

"Prepare For The Storm! Hillary Clinton Racketeering/RICO Charges! Judgement Day Coming Soon!"

Soon...soon...just hold your breath, Republicans.

Situation Update Feb 28, 2022 - The Biden / Putin Tag-Team Escalation to Global Thermonuclear War!

Biden/Putin tag team?  Like this?*

"DJT argued that President Joe Biden and NATO acted “dumb” compared to “smart” Russian President Vladimir Putin"

How's that remark looking now, asshole?

"Tues. 1 March: was the RV/GCR;Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would be exchanging according to Texas Snake, plus we would be entering NESARA and 1,000 years of Peace according to Fleming and Bruce."

Well, it's March 2 as I write this.  Looks like the 1,000 years of peace had to be postponed.  As for the rest of this, you'll have to talk to Texas Snake to even figure out what it means.

"Ukraine (corrupt gov) Bombing Their Own People according to people in Ukraine Military. Mainstream Media refuse to cover stories."

Mainstream media refuse to cover this "story."  I wonder why.

"Ukrainian Nazi battalion troops fighting under the Swastika and Hitler salute. No wonder Putin announced he is conducting a military operation for the “denazification” of Ukraine.  Want to throw out ‘neo-Nazi’ regime in Ukraine, says Russian foreign minister Lavrov. Russia invaded Ukraine as it wanted to throw out the “neo-Nazi” regime, foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday, adding that Kremlin is ready for talks if the Ukraine military surrenders.

"Putin Is Whitehat Bringing World Peace... Ukraine Events Not War In Traditional State!! 911 Gold Being Held In Ukraine!! "

Putin is the good guy, like all dictators who slaughter the civilian of neighboring countries.

"Situation Update: It Had to Be This Way! We Are in the Storm! Putin Taking Ukraine From Deep State! MSM Cabal Lies About Russia! US Biolabs Creating Bioweapon Virus to Target Slavic People! Eradicate Russian Peoples! Clear & Present Danger to Russia!"

Whatever.  They'll believe any lie in which they are the good guys.  Of course, any story in which they are the good guys is a lie, so I guess they need some fairy tale to put themselves to sleep every night, after a long day of hatred and greed. 

"Zelensky and the EU Parliament Make Move Sure to Infuriate Putin"

What a shame.  And just when he is having such a great week.

"Putin is not invading Ukraine. Putin is taking out deep state black op bio labs with precision strikes, who have been trying to create killer diseases right on Russia’s border."

Precision strikes that keep hitting cities, apartment buildings, old ladies, and other such targets.  I guess the meaning of the word "precision" is open to some interpretation.

"Putin Destroys Ukrainian Adrenochrome Labs...Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that Vladimir Putin’s special forces have taken several bioweapons facilities as they have bombard eastern Ukraine, targeting not civilians but Western-sponsored bioweapons laboratories that zigzag the countryside.  While hunting for further bioweapons labs, they also took out multiple adrenochrome processing plants and rescued over 100 child trafficking victims."

Adrenochrome.  But of course.  Anyway, let's move on to consider the State of the Union address, and some other "relevant" news.

"Eyewitnesses claimed that Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Philip, British and Dutch royal family members and Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon were present with Pope Francis and former Pope Ratzinger at Ninth Circle child sacrifices."

No comment.  And no comment on the following, either.

"The Big News Out of CPAC 2022 Is That Trump Is Back"

"Biden Has Much to Answer for in First State of the Union"

"Clarence and Ginni Thomas Embody Integrity in Public Service"

"The American People Add Ukraine to Biden's Growing List of Failures"

"Is Putin Setting A Trap?"

Yeah.  For himself.

"Was Medieval Black Death Really That Bad? A New Pollen Study Says No!"

It only killed a third of the population of Europe.  That's nothing compared to what Trump will accomplish in his second term

"ALERT! White House & Congress Just Rocked By Bombshell Biden Mental Health News!"

What it exactly is was not revealed in this article, but it seems to revolve around Biden stuttering every once in a while, not in him being a certified psychopathic criminal like a certain recent President I can think of.  Anyway, time for a right wing comedy break:

Got a good laugh out of that, did you?

"Ben Shapiro Response to SOTU Sums Up Biden Presidency"

And maybe it did.  No sane person will ever know, because no sane person will waste their time reading Ben Shapiro's opinion on anything.

"What Biden Should Do, Not Just Say, About Ukraine...To ensure that NATO holds together to meet this challenge, Biden should announce a 180-degree turn in American energy policy and a shift in military priorities from wokeness to combat readiness."

The answer to Putin?  Make the oil industry and military contractors richer.  (smacks forehead)...Why didn't I think of that- it's so obvious when you put it that way.

"Biden Is Making You an Accomplice In the War on Ukraine"

By interfering with energy company profits.  Seems to be a theme today- don't let rich peope suck money out of an international tragedy, and you will anger the Gods of the Republicans.

"Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Joe Biden a ‘Piece of Crap’ in SOTU Response"

Okay, okay, great, now we need a little more "humor."

And really, there it is.  The Republican explanation for what is going on in the world this week.

*In case you were wondering, that is a picture of the Moondogs, in Green Eagle's humble opinion, the greatest tag team of all time.


Infidel753 said…
Anybody who believes this stuff must literally have some kind of mental illness. It's worse than the flat-Earthers and alien-abduction people.
Green Eagle said…
After a few months of really boring wingnut delusions, they seem to be on fire again. I think the consequences of their love affair with a foreign Fascist dictator is just too much, too out in the open, and they are clutching at any kind of straws they can find to try to deny the truth.

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