The Only Thing that Matters

Democrats had better damned well figure out that at the present time there is only one issue that they must immediately deal with.  And it is this: right now, as we allow ourselves to be distracted by a dozen important but secondary problems, a significant portion of the right in this country is actively planning to destroy our government and replace it with a fascist dictatorship, led by the worst, most criminal President the country has ever seen.  

It has been obvious since the time of Reagan that the Republican party, realizing the demographic tsunami it faced, was determined to institute one party rule in this country.  Every thing they have done since has been in pursuit of that goal, and sad to say, Democrats were in such a state of denial that Republicans have moved ever closer to that goal.  Unfortunately for them, the con man of the century managed to seize control of their party, and in his insane lust for power, made the move to end our two century democratic experiment before the ground was fully prepared.

And make no mistake; what happened after the November 2020 election, culminating on January 6th, was an open attempt to overthrow the government, thankfully carried out on the same level of gigantic incompetence that Trump has demonstrated in his handling of the Covid pandemic, or the economy, or his miserable business career.  We now know that the assault on the Capitol was heavily planned in advance, at least as far as he was capable of planning anything.  We can thank heaven that his capacity was so slight, but still, with a little luck on his side, his army of fascist traitors might have breached the Capitol more quickly and actually succeeded in killing Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and God only knows how many more elected leaders, and they might very well have succeeded in making impossible the peaceful transfer to the duly elected new President.

Well, that was act one.  And you would have to be a fool to think that the right has not gone on learning from their near success, and planning a much more determined, violent attempt to seize power.

Since Memorial Day weekend, we have heard claims made over and over again that Trump will be installed in the White House this August.  After January 6th, it would be criminally irresponsible on our part to think that this is just blather.  There is every likelihood that, with Trump now returning to delivering treasonous speeches, momentum is going to build.  I fear a summer that may well be marked with violence that this country has not seen since the Civil War, culminating in a far more widespread and murderous attempt to seize power than we saw last January.  Sad to say, this is not a fantasy, but a real possibility.  Trump and his followers, having bought into the constant propaganda that Joe Biden is a weak, senile President who will be unable to react with force to their revolt, are in my opinion highly likely to attempt some sort of mass violence this summer, perhaps seizing control of several State houses, and culminating in another, but much more vicious, assault on the Capitol this August.

Trump pulled the trigger on the Republican party's plans just a few years too early, in order to protect himself from criminal prosecution.  But now, to mix metaphors, the cat is out of the bag, and it may very well prove impossible to get it back inside.  His followers are determined to have their way, they are well armed, and are under the illusion that the military is on their side (as some clearly are.)  This is a recipe for a very disastrous summer.  Let us hope that they are too stupid and cowardly to actually get out there and try to pull it off, because for them, the spirit is willing.


Isaac said…
Prima Donald reminds me of the guy who graduates from high school and the following year is still hanging out on the high school grounds.

He also reminds me of Al Bundy, still talking about the game in high school where he scored three touchdowns.

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