The Future of Evangelical America

I want to quote from this extremely frightening article today in the Washington Post:

 ‘Soldiers of Jesus’: Armed neo-Pentecostals torment Brazil’s religious minorities
DUQUE DE CAXIAS, Brazil — There was a pounding at the door. Strange, the priest thought: He wasn’t expecting anyone. Marcos Figueiredo hurried to the entrance of his home temple and opened it.
Guns. Three of them. All pointing at him.
The “Soldiers of Jesus” had arrived — three members of a gang of extremist evangelical Christians who’d seized control of the impoverished Parque Paulista neighborhood in Duque de Caxias. First, they erected roadblocks to keep away cops and create a narcotics haven an hour’s drive from Rio de Janeiro. Now they were targeting anyone whose faith didn’t align with their own...Priests have been killed. Children have been stoned. An elderly woman was seriously injured. Death threats and taunts are common."

This is the end game of the phony religion of Evangelical Christianity, and this is our fate here in the United States if we do not put a stop to their would-be tyranny and the politicians who cater to it.  And anyone who still thinks differently is hiding his head in the sand, waiting patiently for these so-called "Christians" to come along and lop it off.  It is no different from the masses of religious maniacs that plague the Muslim world, and it will come to the same disastrous end if we do not have the resolve to put a stop to it.

That's it- that's all I have to say about the subject. People who still don't see it at this point are pretty much beyond reaching with evidence or good faith.


Anonymous said…
You are exactly right about this.
Magpie said…
A little while ago the Washington Post had another article explaining the Evangelicals fondness for Trump...

I assume this is old news to you, but the gist of it is those crazy and/or stupid twits are pinning their hopes on him to deliver the end of all things.
Basically Evangelicalism in this sense is a massive death cult.
They think Trump is King David reborn, or 'The Last World Emperor', the flawed ruler who at some point will lay down his crown at Golgotha which will - somehow - bring about the second coming.
Note this myth originates nearly 7 centuries after the time of Jesus, though it borrows motifs from earlier scripture.

"Gog and Magog"...
Vague old rubbish... rehashed endlessly with a new cast for successive generations of drooling religious simpletons with an unquenchable desire for apocalyptic destruction.
Green Eagle said…
Magpie, there is certainly a strong element of what you describe in Evangelicalism. My only disagreement with you would revolve around estimating how many Evangelicals really believe this crap, and how many only follow this "religion," because it is a license to do whatever they damned please in life, and still tell themselves that they are the only truly moral humans on earth.
Unknown said…
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