Look to Kavanaugh

Boy, wouldn't you love to come up in front of this judge.

If anyone has any doubt what the Senate Republicans have in store for the trial of the patently guilty Donald Trump, they only have to look at the way that those same Republicans handled the investigation into the appointment of the grotesquely unfit Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the Supreme Court.

This sham investigation included:
Tens of thousands of pages of information about Kavanaugh's history that the White House refused to turn over, with the collaboration of Senate Republicans.
Multiple vital witnesses to the accusations which were never even talked to, let alone allowed to testify, at the behest of the White House.
Vicious, lying attacks on the limited witnesses that were allowed to testify, both from the White House and Senate Republicans.
Massive synthetic outrage from Senate Republicans, designed to obscure the facts in a maelstrom of anger and distortion.
And finally, a party-line vote to place this disgusting creature on the Supreme Court, with Republicans totally ignoring his unbelievable performance on national TV showing his clear unsuitability to be any sort of judge.

Well, get ready, because we are about to see an unashamed repeat of this disgraceful dereliction of duty in the upcoming Senate trial.


joseph said…
The real problem with Kavanaugh is his finances. I would hope the next Democratic president will appoint an attorney general who would look into that.
Green Eagle said…
I have said before that the next Democratic President (let it be in 2021, I pray) should immediately release the tens of thousands of pages of documentation of his history that the Trump White House withheld.

Along, of course, with every scrap of information withheld about Trump's open treason.
Poll P. said…
Damn, you're right. Creepy thought.
Unknown said…
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