Taking Us Down the Road to Hell

The mainstream press, which has apparently made up their minds how they want the 2020 elections to work out.

From the Washington Post (passed off as a paragon of the liberal press) today:
"On eve of open hearings, GOP and Democrats lay out competing cases
The memos show the parties are fundamentally at odds over everything from key pieces of evidence to the legitimacy of the process."
I heard the same thing on NPR this morning, which did a long segment on the "competing narratives" about impeachment coming from our two political parties.

Neither one of these miserable excuses for journalists thought it worth mentioning that one of these "narratives" is true and the other, as they all know damned well, is a compendium of vicious lies. 

And that is what we are going to get this time around, just as we have had stuffed down our throats every election for decades.  One side is telling the truth and the other side is lying; but that is of no significance.  Maybe Trump is the bad guy, maybe it's Biden and Hillary. Who can say?


Poll P. said…
I wonder why they haven't tried tying Obama to anything nefarious?
joseph said…
Paul P.

They have. They constantly say that Obama failed to help Ukraine by not giving it the Javelin missiles that Trump gave them. They fail to point out that while Trump gave Ukraine Javelins, one of the conditions of the sale was that they couldn't be used. So they sit uselessly away from the battles. They have also suggested, without merit of course, that Obama was somehow behind the "spying" on the Trump campaign.

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