Separated at Birth?

By sheer coincidence yesterday I came across one of those clickbait stories at the bottom of a post, about Schlitzie the Pinhead.

Schlitzie was one of the most famous sideshow attractions in his day, appearing at the top circuses, and having a featured role in Tod Browning's cult film, "freaks." He had the mentality of about a four year old, and loved being in the circus.

Well, just saying:


Victor said…

AWESOME!!!!! 😂

PERFECT!!!!!!!!! ☺
Bruce.desertrat said…
But there's no evidence that Schlitzie was an amoral sociopath who studiously worked on subverting democracy in favor of a authoritarian rule.
Flying Junior said…
I still like the photo of Roger Stone at the inauguration the best. The next Penguin!
Professor Chaos said…
Oh my GOD! How is his head like that?
Green Eagle said…
Maybe he IS a pinhead. It would explain why he got sucked in by Trump.

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