Sunday, June 11, 2017

Where Did Green Eagle Go?

Writing blog posts, like doing anything else, requires a belief that, in at least some minuscule, tiny way, you are helping steer things in a better direction.

Well, I have pretty much given up on that.  The Republican party has succeeded beyond its wildest hopes in building an electorate that is absolutely immune to any facts, any reason, any thought of human decency.  And they have taken over, and intend to do what they want.  This has been clear enough, but is even more so after we have witnessed the ease in which they were able, with the collaboration of the mainstream press, to turn James Comey's testimony, by far the most shocking official indictment of a President's behavior in the entire history of the country, into a victory for Trump, in the eyes of his supporters.

And describing our nation's swift progress from a sort of a democracy to an oligarchic despotism, with only the barest pretense of being anything else, is useless, because the people who might read what I have to say can see it perfectly by themselves.

So, I'm not saying that I'm giving up blogging, but I have to find some reason to believe that anything I say isn't totally obvious to anyone who cares about this country.  I can't say how often that will be, but right now, I don't think there is a thing any of us can do to stop the United States' headlong rush to dictatorship.


Anonymous said...

Reconstruction #3 for the us. May get pretty brutal with alt right. Your voice is still needed.
Love from Canada

Jerry Critter said...

You know, it is hard for me to say you are wrong when when I see Senate republicans making moves to pass something as important and impactful on the American people as healthcare without an exhaustive and intensive debate on the bill, without even sufficient time to read and analyze the bill. Where is the outcry? There is hardly a mention of it in the press. Even the democrats are relatively quiet. These kind of legislative maneuvers and opposition impotency are typical of a dictatorship.

Magpie said...

We live in interesting times, as the old curse goes.

I just read with grim amusement in the press today: "he (Trump) has told his staff that he wants to avoid a marathon overseas trip like his nine-day trek to the Middle East and Europe, which he found exhausting and overly long"...

This was the person who questioned Hillary Clinton's physical stamina, into the echo chamber of the rancid right wing media.

Now I know Trump is not young but he wasn't doing laps of an oval at all these places he was travelling in absolute comfort surrounded by slimy courtiers and assorted arse wipers. There was no mental strain involved because he doesn't do intellectual work. There was no emotional strain because he doesn't give a fuck.

He's just said himself he's physically and mentally not up to the job, and this is but year one of his infantile reign.

Flying Junior said...

I don't blame you Green Eagle. The b-list blogosphere is a ghost town. Sue won't even let me read her blog if she's still doing it. Good blogs are infested with laughing hyena right-wing trolls. It's getting harder to blog for truth and light, not to mention having a good time. And if we obsess and focus on all things Trump, we are just the other side of the coin. He's still center stage. It's pretty hard to take.

If we are lucky enough to shake off Trump or if he ends up in a private sanitarium in Scotland, the infection will remain, like hepatitis or malaria. Like a wound that just won't close up.

Jean Valjean said...

You're still my window into the mindset of the crackpots. Take a break if you must, but don't go too far for too long. Best wishes.

Marc said...

Hold steady, something will give. Trump will have to say "The Aristrocrats!" eventually. Either that, or do a perp walk - and I don't see him doing that as long as he is useful to the (R) establishment. The damage he and his entourage are doing won't be felt for a while - and the (R)'s will blame the (D)'s for whatever happens, as they always do. It will be good to have someone documenting the culprits, so they can't wiggle away from their actions. You seem to have the fortitude to read sites I feel need to have hazmat and superfund toxic status, and document their spin on reality. As tRump has found out about his Twitter feed, the internet remembers.