A Comey Warning

So Trump is apparently declaring that he is not going to use executive privilege to stop James Comey from testifying on Thursday.  Now, why do you think that is, given the certainty that Trump would do anything, no matter how abominable, to get what he wants?

Well, maybe he has something even dirtier up his sleeve.  That's always a possibility, of course, but here is what I have been afraid of all along.  So many liberals seem to have totally forgotten that it was Comey who really stuck the knife in Hillary Clinton's back, knowing perfectly well that the story he has retailed in public was a cheap lie, provided to him by the Russians.  There is no one on earth that Trump is more indebted to, for putting him in the White House.  Do you really believe that this life long Republican hatchet man really suddenly got religion and turned on Trump?  If so, he'd be the first Republican in a hundred years to do that.

I'm afraid that Comey and the rest of the Republicans have cooked up a game where Comey comes out in public and seems ready to tell the truth, and then gets on the stand and denies that Trump did anything wrong.  At which point the miserable Republican-owned mainstream press will declare that the whole thing was never anything but Democratic fake news, and that the entire massive conspiracy must now be utterly forgotten.  This would sort of be a grand scale version of the way that the Republicans and the Press suckered Dan Rather and then used his mistake to shout down George W. Bush's desertion during the Vietnam War, something which we know absolutely did happen.

I'm not saying that this will happen, but I do recommend that you be prepared to wake up Friday morning with a gigantic headache.


One Fly said…
These bastards don't do anything without a plan.The Dims are always ready to bite on anything and as you say screw themselves in the process.
Green Eagle said…
Well, I could just be my usual paranoid self here, but I don't trust Comey or any other Republican in any way. The Democrats' biggest fault- Obama's biggest flaw in my opinion- is that no matter how many times they get kicked in the teeth, they refuse to believe that there is no dishonest or disreputable act that is too low for the Republicans.

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