Thursday, June 29, 2017

Global Warming and the Mideast

I want to link to a story from Daily Kos today, about a subject I have talked about periodically for a couple of years:

"Deepening Fears As Evidence Confirms Risk That Middle East And N Africa Will Become Uninhabitable...There is now new evidence which is deepening scientific fears, advanced few years ago, that the Middle East and North Africa risk becoming uninhabitable in a few decades. FishOutOfWater,  warned a couple of years ago, that in Persia and other Gulf states people will be steamed alive. It won’t be much better in the rest of the Middle East or N Africa either. Lack of potable water, drought and heat caused by our relentless fuel emissions changing the climate of the entire bio-sphere for the worst."

My own crude, hardly scientific attempts to calculate how many people might be displaced by this climate change induced catastrophe resulted in a figure of 300 to 350 million people.  The more scientific calculations discussed in the article place the number at around 400 million.  The authors state what should be obvious:

"How the hell is the world going to deal with an exodus like that when we can’t adequately deal with current refugees from war torn Syria?"

External refugees from Syria amount to perhaps ten million.  This number, forty times as great, will destroy civilization entirely in Europe and major parts of Asia.  

We'd better keep our eyes on this.  In my opinion, given the evidence today, allowing rich people to spend money spreading lies about global warming should be recognized as equivalent to mass murder, and should carry the same punishment; i.e. immediate execution.


One Fly said...


What always struck me about articles with data gathered on Global Warming over the years was that almost without exception there was a caveat.

And that was "scientists underestimated the rate of acceleration". Many times that difference was dramatic.

We are seeing this happen so quickly right before our very eyes and the ones who could make the difference care less.

It IS beyond bizarre!

Green Eagle said...

So much money being made from shouting down the truth. I've said since long before global warming became such a critical subject, that in the end, American Conservatism is about absolutely nothing but "cut my taxes!" and that the typical Conservative will gladly sell his children and grandchildren into a life of misery for a $200 tax cut. Well, if you needed any more proof, here it is.