Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trivia Question of the Day

I'll leave this story up, because I don't want to be like right wing bloggers that just erase history when they say something wrong.  I read it at somewhere I thought I could trust.  It was a different Sessions.

In the history of the FBI, only one other director has ever been fired. Who was that person?

Yup, Jeff Sessions, who was head of the FBI until he was fired by Bill Clinton for misappropriating federal funds for personal purposes.

Think he might have a motive to not be the only fired head of the FBI any more?

And by the way, how do you feel about a President that makes a crook like this the Attorney General?

These would be great days, if it were not for the fact that an army of crooked Republicans lies between us and any chance to get even a glimpse of the monstrous truth that must lie behind all of this dishonest behavior.


Green Eagle said...

I got a lot of comments- different Sessions. I read this and repeated it- man, you can't trust a thing these days.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can make a mistake; that's why it's a good idea to rely on at least two sources.

Your source might have erred.