Friday, May 5, 2017

Ruled By Monsters

By the lowest human scum on the face of the earth.  Here are a few pictures of Republicans in the House of Representatives celebrating their feat of having sentenced tens of millions of Americans to suffering and death in order to give our national resources to a minuscule number of hyper-rich sociopaths:

After everything, after all the betrayal of the country, after the corruption, even after the treason, it is still hard to look at these pictures and realize the degradation that the Republican party and its base has forced on this country, and the endless rounds of new suffering they are going to dream up for us until they can be forced from office. And remember that eight years of lying may have induced their nauseating base to really believe that Obamacare was a colossal failure, but there is not one person in these photos that does not know the truth: they have stolen not just health care, but health itself, and in many cases life, from children, old people, handicapped people, poor people by the millions, in order to give a multi-billion dollar gift to their backers, who paid them well to do just that.

I wish these pictures could be seared into the brains of everyone in the country, because after this there is no redemption for these people.  They are abominable monsters that can never again rejoin the company of decent human beings.


Hugh Jim Bissell said...

Trumpcare is a jobs creation program and stimulus program. At least, that's what some people are telling me.

My undertaker friends say they could use the increase in business.

Terry Barr said...

The faces of evil.

One Fly said...

Agreed and even more.

It's hard to believe that this is where we are at as a country at this time.

Words fail they really do!

Green Eagle said...

One Fly, I have spent the last decade trying to tell the story of where we are as a country in words, and I couldn't agree with you more. Simple language is just not enough to express an appropriate level of disgust and horror at what the Republican party has managed to accomplish in the way of destroying everything good about the United States.