Monday, May 1, 2017

Reality, Trump Style

"...contraception doesn't work..."I always shake my head. You know, family planning is what occurs between a husband and a wife and God..And it doesn’t really involve the federal government, much less the United Nations, where we hear about family planning all the time. What are they doing in that business?"

And who might have said that?  One Teresa Manning, who Donald Trump has just picked to head the program that provides contraception and other reproductive care in the executive branch.

Let's make two things clear:  First of all, putting our government's operations in the hands of people committed to running them into the ground is a malignant, hateful response to the honor bestowed on someone by making him President.  But far more crucially, it is a violation of the President's Constitutional duty to see that the laws be faithfully executed.  In fact, it is the fundamental violation of his position of which a President is capable.  And there is only one Constitutional response to this dereliction:  impeachment.

Sad to say, Trump should have been impeached two months ago, for this behavior as well as for a host of corrupt and treasonous acts he and his people have committed, but it is not going to happen because his fellow Republicans are confident that he is on board with the only agenda they really care about: smashing every thing the government does for anyone but the hyper rich, and then plundering the shattered country on their behalf.  We currently have one dysfunctional political party in this country, and one which is a criminal conspiracy disguising itself as a political party.  The members of the first group have been intimidated by decades of abuse into refusing to stand up for the most obvious truths about what is happening to the country; and the second group has been purged of any leaders except terminally corrupt monsters.

What does anyone think is going to come of that?


Jerry Critter said...

The best way to prove that government does not work is to put incompetent people in charge of organizations which they know nothing about and oppose theirbvery function.

Green Eagle said...

The Richard Viguere-Ronald Reagan theory of how to destroy the country, in action. This has literally been their intent for decades now, so any shred of democracy left to us is wiped out by a new oligarchic dictatorship.