Thursday, May 11, 2017


In all of the excitement about the complete dissolution of even the thinnest veneer of legitimacy surrounding Donald Trump's Presidency, it is vitally important that we not lose sight of the most significant fact in all of this:


And I mean every one, without exception.  Every single one of them believes in destroying Social Security and Medicare and giving all the money to the rich.  Every one of them believes the country should be an oligarchic dictatorship.  Every one of them believes in savaging the poor and middle class to benefit their rich backers.  Every one.  Every single one of them without exception is a monster of corruption, as bad as Trump.  They just hide it a little better than he does, with a huge assist from the mainstream press, which has spent decades meticulously averting its eyes from the horrors the Republican party has visited upon us.

The Republicans learned a huge lesson from the Nixon humiliation:  It only took a half dozen Republicans with some shred of concern for our country's welfare, to join with Democrats to remove Nixon from office.  Well, they made damned sure that such a thing would never happen again.  There is not a single Republican allowed in a position of power today that will stand up to Trump, let alone stand against the rape of our country that is the only real platform the Republican party has.  Because Trump is them, just a little too upfront about it.  Right now, his circus antics are welcome to the other Republicans, because they are distracting attention from the malignant damage they are wreaking on our society, now that they are in complete control.  But do not fool yourself into thinking that removing Trump will put the country back onto the right path; only excising the entire pack of corruption that is the Republican party could do that.

In a way, Trump is the greatest thing that ever happened to the Republicans, because they can remove him any time they want, on any one of dozens of legitimate grounds for impeachment, and then pretend they have heroically dealt with the nation's problem.  And this is still the most likely course of events:  they will ride him until they have gotten him to take credit for as much of their hateful agenda as they can, and then kick him to the curb, with no more remorse than Trump felt stabbing the loyal lap-dog Comey in the back.  Then, it will be on with their dirty business as though nothing has happened, while the mainstream press crows about what noble, self-sacrificing Republican leadership we are blessed to have.


Jerry Critter said...

True! Impeaching Trump does not solve the problem. It just puts another one just as bad in charge. Republicans must be purged in 2018...if we survive that long.

One Fly said...

30 yrs in the making and they're not about to give it up. Yes they are the same as are the the ones who voted for them!

It's all a deception with the idea somebody is gonna do something or this is going to happen they found that over there and so and so talked real tough to that person and what have you.

The Right are terrorists of this country. They are all truly evil.

We literally have no power in these matters at this time.

Green Eagle said...

I wish I could argue with either one of you. We are looking at the utter dissolution of the United States as we have known it, whether before or after something resembling 1939-1945. And please remember, as I have said before, Hitler did not have nuclear weapons.